Friday, January 30, 2015

Peace talks and BBL--dead in the water

As I write this, reports are coming thru indicating a massing of forces of Moro rebels in anticipation over the expected backlash from the massacre last Sunday. Seems like these rebels are now convinced that the BBL is not the ultimate answer to what I describe here as the Bangsamoro Question. Some observers think the Bangsamoro Basic Law is dead in the water since legislators are backing out one by one in support of President Aquino's "legacy measure."

Senate president Franklin Drilon however tries to assure everyone that the Senate will not abandon the BBL. I think they better conduct a temperature check because the "other side" meaning the MILF has a contrary view inspite of public pronouncement by the top MILF leader that they are still pursuing peace initiatives.

This is what I was saying all along---what is the assurance that what the MILF leadership's views are, are the same things being believed at by their combatants in the field? This has been observed prior to the finalisation of the peace agreement between the two camps--that there is a strong possibility that the ones representing this rebel group has already lost the moral authority over troops in the field. That most MILF rebel members have already turned themselves into BIFF.

Government must be extremely certain that, when they go to the next higher stage of the agreement, which is the disarmament stage, all members of this rebel group will respect it and will abide by it. Remember that last year, the disarmament of some MILF rebels was even televised. Why was it not completed in its entirety?