Thursday, April 2, 2015

What Pnoy ought to reflect

After a string of serious missteps which embarrassed government and the entire country, the palace says President Aquino is now thinking of atoning for his sins. He will spend the time reflecting and probably thinking of the many things he did wrong and the many lost opportunities he could have handled very well for the people and unfortunately missed.

IN just a few months unto his administration, and it is only now that Pnoy ever thought of this? How apathetic. What can you do with twelve months?

Instead of atoning for his sins in the sanctity of his chambers, why not go out this Sunday, address the nation and say these things:

1. I'm sorry I misjudged the Mamasapano operation which caused the deaths of 44 of our SAF members. As commander-in-chief of your armed forces, I am responsible for this.

2. As a sign of my sincerity, I am asking the Department of Justice to file criminal charges against the MILF. The recent incident is clearly a massacre and in the interests of justice and truth, I am charging our agencies of government to identify the perpetuators of this crime, pursue them until arrested or neutralized.