Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DPWH and Customs "Business As Usual"

When Rogelio "Babes" Singson entered the halls of the DPWH, one of the most corrupt agencies in this Republic, he was carrying a big sign which says "BUSINESS AS USUAL. "

Now, with the appointment of former PBA commissioner Joselito Alvarez, a former employee of Bert Lina (of FEDEX fame) to the Customs post (recommended by Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima), Alvarez will also be carrying this big sign which also says, "BUSINESS AS USUAL."

The sharks and the big-time smugglers all heaved a sigh of relief. They all thought that President Noynoy Aquino really meant what he said that he will cleanse the bureaucracy of all graft and filth. 

When these unscrupulous groups heard that Singson is to be appointed to DPWH, the contractors who already overcharged the public previously under the Ebdane administration thanked their angels in hell. Tuloy ang ligaya, they said. 

Expect those who fattened their bank accounts during the Arroyo administration to continue their erring and stealin ways.

A bigger celebratory party will surely happen once Alvarez assumes his Customs post. Alvarez was the second choice because Guillermo Parayno reportedly had a conflict of interest. People expect that Pnoy will appoint a more competent, less controversial and a person who has nothing to do with the business of freight nor of customs.

Everyone knows that Alvarez is pretty much involved in the customs and freight business. Alvarez owes his career to Bert Lina, the pretty boy brother of Joey Lina, involved very much in the so-called "notorious business of freight". (There was an alleged US Customs confidential report which shows that the Linas reportedly used the FEDEX network in smuggling activities. How true? Is that the reason why they lost the FEDEX franchise in the first place) Is there no one out there better and more competent than Alvarez? I mean come on, Pnoy!!

How will we be able to build a "New Philippines" when we are recycling these nincoompoops who caused these monumental problems we face today?

There is also news of the re-appointment to the LTRB post of Dante Lantin, the notorious official during the Arroyo administration, who granted thousands of franchises and allowed the proliferation of collorum buses in EDSA. 


Is this the change we expect to happen? Of industry insiders being appointed to highly corrupt and sensitive posts in the bureaucracy? How will Pnoy fight the forces of evil when he is, in fact, going to bed with them? And this early? Wow. 

I am definitely sharpening my bolo.