Sunday, October 22, 2017

Deconstructing Rodrigo Duterte--is he sincere in finding peace with the CPP-NPA-NDF?

Mr. Duterte with his best friend, PNP chief Bato dela Rosa
Duterte again met his peace advisers and told them to proceed with the peace talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines. This came after months of verbal assaults against the "Reds", accusing them of being destabilizers and even predicting their demise.

Now, Mr. Duterte is telling Labor secretary Silvestre Bello and Jesus Dureza to again start negotiations. What was telling about Mr. Duterte's current stand is his mention of the New People's Army (NPA).

Apparently, Mr. Duterte is toying with using what Gloria Arroyo used during her term---go to the grassroots and individually talk with operating units of the NPA.

Is this an honest move? Is he after finalizing a document with the Communist movement to effect lasting peace?

I don't think so.

Do you know why Mr. Duterte wants to get rid of the Communists? The NPA is the only credible armed force in the province that fight unscrupulous miners who destroy our environment. With the NPA out of the equation, Mr. Duterte's miner friends will now have a free hand destroying mountains, carving out minerals from the depths of the earth and polluting our rivers, streams and lakes.

I hope Jose Maria Sison and his group based at the Netherlands would not anymore allow themselves to be tricked by this lying bastard.

Duterte knows he is now slowly being isolated and he has only to blame himself.

When he won, Mr. Duterte enjoyed the biggest, the widest and the most credible public trust ever given by an impatient Filipino people. Most thought that Mr. Duterte holds the solutions that beset this country.

Now one and half years and we have a wobbling economy, a destabilized civil society, and a worsening moral problem. Wittingly or unwittingly, Mr. Duterte opened a Pandora's box that led to this situation.

We are the laughing stock of the world due to the antics of this man. This year, we failed to advance further ahead of the economic race with our Asian neighbors. Yes, our stock market is still afloat yet the question remains for how long? Former PSC chairman Lim says we are on the verge of being declared a "fourth world country". Participants in our stock market pales comparatively with our neighbors, even Vietnam which just got into the game several years ago.

Rising prices of goods and services, higher costs of electricity and water and an inflation rate that is now expected to breach its stable mark, are now facing us straight before our faces.

Yes, Mr. Duterte was able to animate the minds of our weary public, who just want nothing more than good roads, a stable family life free from the clutches of criminality and immorality and equitable employment for all.

It was a mistake for Mr. Duterte to make anti-criminality or anti-drugs the focal or centerpiece program of his administration. Being so inutile and so procrastinate, Mr. Duterte failed to study the situation and repercussions of his quick fixes that instead of bringing forth peace and order, it destabilized the grassroots to its core, increasing public distrust, leading to fragmentation, confusion and chaos.

Now, Mr. Duterte is paying for implementing for so many months, the wrong policy. Yes, it is popular. Yes, it cuts across socio-economic classes. Yes, everyone is a victim one way or another. And yes, it appeals to the broad masses. But, Mr. Duterte erred in applying a sinister program that works only in controlled territories as small as cities or provinces, never in an archipelagic state such as ours.

Mr. Duterte is now getting further isolated. In the next few weeks, expect Mr. Duterte to further suffer in the credibility and trust departments, as his trusted associates do what they do best--raid the public coffers with evident disdain and haughtiness.

This cannot go on any longer.

Mr. Duterte believes he has the military and the police on his side. Well, Mr. Duterte you are a very poor student of History.

Now, Mr. Duterte is probably aware of his imminent mortality that he is now seeking once more the trust and confidence of his ideological bedfellows.

As they say, the night is so lonely for men who think themselves as gods. And Mr. Duterte is definitely is of no exception.

Nangangamoy - Dong Abay

For my readers today, let me share with you one of my favorite singers of all time---my good friend and fellow Narrehan, Dong Abay!

Nangangamoy - Dong Abay

For my readers today, let me share with you one of my favorite singers of all time---my good friend and fellow Narrehan, Dong Abay!

Real story behind the killing of Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute: drone or sniper?

Do you know how these two terrorists, Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute were killed?

Based on several stories shared by my Maranao contacts, four men wearing the traditional black Abayas called out on Isnilon Hapilon. They spoke in Tausug, the dialect of Hapilon. Hapilon thought that these men were the 'reinforcements" he asked from his fellow Tausugs from Basilan and Jolo, Hapilon went down from the building where he was hiding. Omar Maute followed him.

When Hapilon came out of the building, he was spotted immediately by a sniper. Hapilon tried to duck but it was too late. He was hit. It was too late also for Omar. He was hit in the chest.

Afterwards, a swarm of Filipino special forces swooped down on the building, secured the bodies of the two ISIS terrorists and managed to get the hostages away from other jihadists.

The bullet which hit Hapilon and Maute came from a 50-caliber sniper's rifle. Sources told me the sniper was not far from where Hapilon and Maute were. Two sources however, told me it was a drone that really killed the two jihadists. The drone had sophisticated night spotting capabilities. It was also armed with a 50-caliber automatic gun. 

When another leader, Dr. Ahmad learned of the deaths of the two, he and his security detail tried to escape from where they were hiding by fighting their way out. A hole which led to another location sealed their fate. Waiting at the other side were a team of special forces, some of them of Malaysian origins.

Federalism will destroy the Philippines

I know this is a long shot, but if someone aske me what kind of government you want this country to have, there is just one answer--- a unitary one, but with two (2) systems: one, for the civil administration of non-Muslim areas including the indigenous peoples and second, an Islamic sub-state. Federalism, for all its good intentions and functionalities, is not yet for us.  This is patterned after China--one country, two systems.

For one, where are the infrastructures for Federalism? While I'm writing this, there is none. Transitioning from Republican to a Federalist form takes billions of pesos and at least two (2) years. Imagine the tons of work government needs to do just to transition to this kind of governance model. At this point, government is not keeping up with the current and existing demands of this system and you will burden them with establishing a new one?

Really now, Federalism is not the sure-fire solution to the myriad of problems besetting our country today. It would result to clashes, even armed ones, between traditional political forces and government forces. Traditional political families have embedded their economic interests with their political futures and transforming our society from the present to a Federalist one will encounter terrible consequences that could tear this country further apart.

Our political groups are not matured enough for Federalism. Most of our leaders still think government as their own personal treasury from where they draw funds to keep their families rich.

The only ones who like Federalism are those pseudo-leaders sick with narcistic neurosis. These people think that they are entitled to their own turf where they can do whatever they want. Well, carving this country into separate fiefdoms will solve nothing. It will even destabilize and eventually break this country into war zones.

In the interim, why not strengthen local governments? You don't need new legislation for that. You only need these local leaders to think of their localities first, before they think of getting billions from the public coffers.

Most Federalist advocates raise the problem of funds allocation, as the main rationale behind the shift to Federalism. If that is the only reason, then, why not improve the DBM? Strengthen the policy making function of the Executive. Reverse the existing formula of giving more funds to developed cities and municipalities based on their GNPs. We don't need to undergo the complicated and messy process of transitioning to Federalism just to solve a funding allocation problem.

We can do that now without Federalism.

You know why these people want Federalism? They are being misled by miners who want to carve out mines throughout the country without the interference of the national government.

Who wants Federalism? These are traditional families with strong economic influence and hold over the regional economies. With Federalism, no one can now hold them accountable for the large-scale thievery and manipulation of public funds in their respective and corresponding localities. Under Federalism, who will then criticize states under the monopolistic rule of their leaders? No one. Will we empower the National Federal Government to interfere? We will have a problem likened to Spain in relation to Catalan.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Why Mr. Duterte is toying with the idea of a revolutionary government?

To answer this, let me give you a glimpse of the power centers operating within the Duterte administration. Who among these groups are advocating for the creation of a revolutionary government?

Here are the groups comprising Mr. Duterte's Circle of Trust:

1. Mr. Duterte's 1st circle is composed of his close Davao-based associates, family, friends of his sons and daughters. Aside from Special Secretary Go, Mr. Duterte consults with former Davao government officials who were his close associates when he was Davao mayor. Some of them assumed government posts.

2nd circle: close classmates,  Lex Talionis first generation. This is divided into two (2) distinct groups: Talionis and non-Talionis. Dominguez heads the non-Talionis side. Reportedly, Executive secretary Medialdea wants another post to assume.

3rd circle: ideological bedfellows composed of the National Executive Coordinating Council which claims as its head, Atty. Sara Duterte. This group is directing reporting to Justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre. Some of this group's members silently work with government as board directors in several GOCCs. Others work outside of government but provide Mr. Duterte the necessary information about opposition groups.

and there's the fourth group: recommendees of support groups.

Among these groups are what I describe as "hawks" who want nothing more than Mr. Duterte declare a revolutionary government. These hawks have differing reasons: Most want a revolutionary government to foster a regime of impunity, while others are serious due to ideological reasons. Most are motivated by the luster of power; others, see this as the necessary answer to the country's ills.

These groups are fighting amongst themselves. That explains why government processes right now inside Malacanang is soooooo slow. Many are very disappointed of what's happening because the head is unable to provide leadership.

Mr. Duterte is creating the conditions for the declaration of authoritarian rule by allowing conditions to fail.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Will Mr. Duterte bless a "palace coup" ?

Last week, talks about the possible declaration of a revolutionary government filled the huddles in several coffee shops, barbershops and even inside classrooms.

Seemed like President Rodrigo Roa Duterte once more threatened those who question his leadership with this threat of a revolutionary government. Tindig Pilipinas, the group formed by those who oppose Duterte's leadership style, immediately issued a statement criticizing Mr. Duterte's suggestion.

I, for one, will not dignify Mr. Duterte's threat. This is just an empty boast by a person now being slowly isolated, and being affected by charges of corruption against him and his family. There are three (3) reasons why Mr. Duterte would turn out to be the ultimate fool if he indeed succumb to the suggestion of a revolutionary government. The first one is its Constitutionality. The second one, its immediate effects and the third, its timing.

Is it constitutional for Mr. Duterte to transform his administration into a revolutionary government? No. There is simply no provision in this 1987 Constitution that gives Mr. Duterte the power to create or declare a revolutionary government.

Now, what if Mr. Duterte do resort to this crazy idea, will it prosper? Well, under the politics of what many calls "self-coup" or a "palace coup", the idea really is for Mr. Duterte to break his own oath as President, mass his own generals and take-over government.

Again, let me repeat what I said--- a revolutionary government is only possible if Mr. Duterte breaks his oath as President through an overt act-- a resignation perhaps, and then, gathers his close military and civilian allies and declares that they are separating from the present government, and is taking over the government.

Mr. Duterte must oust himself or dissolve his government first, before he can even declare anything.
Will Mr. Duterte do that?

The problem really is Mr. Duterte is courting treason or sedition by even raising the bogey that is revolutionary government. 

If Mr. Duterte dissolves his government, he will be dissolving only his set of Cabinet members, and not the whole of government, because there is still the Office of the Vice President which succeeds Mr. Duterte in case of his death or resignation.

Vice president Leni Robredo will immediately take her oath of office as President, leaving Mr. Duterte out of government. Will the generals get instructions from Mr. Duterte, seeing that he no longer sits as President? No. Mr. Duterte will wake up one day realizing that he is not the military's darling or poster guy anymore. And when he does, it will be too late.

Lastly, the timing is simply terrible.

Mr. Duterte is in the middle of a political AND economic maelstrom. Mr. Duterte is being accused of corruption, a corruption so vile, it sickens those who hear it.

Mr. Duterte and his relatives are on the propaganda offensive, threatening to fight anybody who questions their illicit wealth. My favorite, Mayor Sara Duterte is making her arguments felt yet showing her "bisaya" side is not helping her father one bit. Sara is showing what enraged the masses during the Marcos and Estrada eras--when families of presidents show how they think they are above everybody else. That was one of the reasons why the Marcoses and the Estrada's fell from power, and that is now the same malaise that afflicts Mr. Duterte and his close family members.

President Duterte must address the issue of corruption directly. Sign the bank waiver, and make your critics eat their own shit. Or, afraid of eating your own vomit?

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Duterte's frat brothers involved in Jack Lam bribery scandal, free on bail. That's Lex for you.

I don't know why some of us, especially these "lawyers" are mocking our justice system. How in heaven's name did 50,000,000 became 49,999,000 in just a few weeks? UNfortunate that those whom we gave the license to implement the law are themselves, mercenaries and are themselves twisting the law just to fend for their own interests. 

DISGRACED DEPUTY COMMISSIONERS AL ARGOSINO AND MIKE ROBLES, members of the Lex Talionis Fraternity of which President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre count themselves as members, are involved in the botched bribery scandal involving gambling operator Jack Lam.

Argosino and Robles have been charged with simple graft and bribery charges, which allowed Argosino and Robles to post bail. Because of the missing 1,000 pesos, both got their bails approved by the court because their abominable act only constitute the crime of simple graft and direct bribery. 

I thought the President is serious in terminating the termites that erode the pillars of our bureaucracy? I thought this President is angry at corrupt officials of government? 

This is how some of us interpret the law. By Heaven's name, when will we go back to our sanity? 

Wittingly or unwittingly, Duterte and Mr. Aguirre are destroying the very values of which define us as Filipinos. May God curse them. 

Cabinet secretary involved in STL operations

My good friend, Bobby Capco urged me to write the corrupt practices of members of the Duterte administration. Capco assures me that this administration will do something about it.

Okey, let me tell you the story of this Cabinet member who is using his position to become the biggest, if not the biggest operator of Small Town Lottery or STL here in the Philippines. 

And really, this story is very disturbing and quite unfortunate because this secretary used several ex-military men who reportedly waged a just war against an administration in previous decades. 

This ex-military men are connected in some form or another to a high ranking official of government, whom they consider as "mistah".

This mistah, according to highly credible sources, gets a monthly take from illegal gambling operators in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao.  

When the bidding for the STL began, several well-meaning people took part of it. Others, well, they were representatives or fronts of jueteng lords. 

At the onset, the plan was note-worthy. The aim was to wrest control of grassroots gambling activities from jueteng lords and their STL fronts, and give it to legitimate groups who vowed to remit the right amounts to government. 

These groups were formed by these ex-military with collusion with men of the cabinet secretary.  This group succeeded in getting Batangas, Nueva Ecija, and other provinces. 

The mistah appointed his own representative, a young contractor, to get several provinces in Mindanao. The maverick contractor is operating the STL now there, by dismantling the old network thru assassinations. They already killed seven people there. 

Low and behold, when the contracts were already given to the group of the cabinet secretary, what do you think he did? He allowed jueteng lords in those areas to retrieve their areas of operations either by selling back the contract to them or colluding with them by asking them to become part of the corporations created for these purposes.

The Cabinet secretary knows this because he intervened in several instances. He even directly contacted the "mistah" to talk to a known jueteng lord. 

Is this corruption? Yes, it is. This cabinet secretary reportedly used his position to gain businesses from government. Nothing wrong with operating STL though. However, if you are a government official and you dip your fingers into these kinds of operations, how do you then describe what he did?

Of course, this cabinet official will just pooh-pooh this blog entry of mine. He remains very influential and strong with the President. The fact is, their ties are reportedly unbreakable.

Who is this cabinet official? 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Duterte Ouster Plot: Real or Just Imaginings?

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte recently accused members of the Liberal Party and those from the Communist Party of the Philippines in a conspiracy to cause his downfall. Though unaware of any specific information about an ouster plot, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez vows to not "take it (ouster plot) sitting down"

After days of denying any "ouster plot", the AFP eventually says there is an existing threat. The AFP describes them as "red...and those in Mindanao." see link

As response to this, Justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre and even Public Attorney's Office (PAO) chief Persida Acosta led the launching of a "Citizen's National Guard" (CNG) which vows to defend Duterte from any ouster move. 

Aguirre, in an interview, describes the CNG as a group composed of retire members of the military, lawyers, Muslims, and several others to what Aguirre says, "..thwart the moves of the opposition to oust the president". see link.

Now, what can be gleaned from these statements? Is there really an ouster plot against Duterte? Why are members of this administration losing sleep over an ouster campaign?

Duterte himself says he's tired. Duterte himself says he's not "kapit tuko". Duterte himself says he is ready to resign and retire. Yet, why is his allies so paranoid like him? 

Two reasons: first, maybe they are doing something illegal already that they fear of prosecution the minute Mr. Duterte loses his post and second, they fear for their lives the minute a group succeeds in ousting Mr. Duterte from Malacanan. 

These are legitimate reasons for paranoia. Let me however posit these thoughts.

First, whoever is plotting an ouster move must be joking. It's already October. One cannot muster enough warm bodies to mobilize for a move like that. Filipinos are preparing for Christmas. Most thoughts are about raising enough monies for noche buena. 

Second, next year is election year already. Those who aspire for a national post would be campaigning already for the 2019 elections. The people will then be busy with their own lives come next year. 

The same argument used by the Gloria Arroyo minions will waif in the air by next year--why use extra constitutional means when the elections are near and one can use this to replace Duterte? 

2019 is most critical and crucial for Mr. Duterte. This will show if he's still politically strong or relevant or not anymore. 

So, is there a legitimate cause of concern?

When the AFP mentioned the "reds" and those from Mindanao, you somehow expect it already since these two armed groups have been our country's perennial destabilizers. Nothing new. 

How about these yellowtards? Well, of course. They are the minority. Whoever is at the bottom will aspire for the top. But, to move in an armed confrontation with Duterte, I think these people are not as stupid as we think they are. 

Honestly, I think these destabilization rumors are being fueled by the opposition to weaken the Duterte administration politically. And these dimwitted allies of this president are taking the bait. Or are they just doing that to get national attention?

I think yes since there are indications that Aguirre and especially Acosta are salivating for nominations from PDP-Laban as the party's official senatorial candidates. 

Just a few days ago, Senate president Koko Pimentel announced a preliminary list of people whom he thinks would suit perfectly fine as their party's senatoriables. 

Likewise, I think several staunch allies of Duterte namely his Assistant secretary Mocha Uson and this character RJ Nieto are fueling these rumors for their own personal interests.

Mocha is rumored to be preparing for a run for the Senate while Nieto intends to capitalize his newly found popularity via the Senate probe to gain more political clients. That's what several people are saying about these two people.

I remember one candidate who always get 99-98% awareness. He is extremely popular but failed to get elected as senator due to his 19% conversion rate. 

This is a lesson to would-be politicians--you may be extremely popular for the wrong reasons. 

You may have a purported mass base of 5 million but that number may actually be just an illusion. It may even represent the number of people who hate your guts but views your blog because they want to be informed of your latest antics.

Poor Mr. Duterte. He is being used left and right by people who have ulterior motives, particularly those within his Cabinet who aspire for elected posts. I remember Mr. Duterte discouraging members of his cabinet on this thing. They may serve, he said, but not to get an endorsement for a political post or gain popularity using their positions.

So there. 

Mr. Duterte upon reading this, should start sleeping. Don't lose sleep Mr. President, no one is conspiring against you. Probably what you see especially at night are spirits of those who died tragically, victims of corrupt cops or what you term "collateral damages."

On RJ Nieto's and Mocha Uson's claims that there is nothing wrong with blogging and of being a government official?

Lifted from Ms. Uson's blog: shared thru
the universal concept of free speech
I admire Mocha Uson's stupidity. Uson invokes the right to self-expression like a mantra in her defense during the Senate probe on fake news. She thinks there is simply nothing wrong with her serving as an Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Office while not taming her blog with attacks against the political opposition. 

She bemoans that she had been attacked, belittled, cursed and shamed by several people. Well, had her brain been configured as sexy as her body, things would have been different. 

I am not in the habit of checking other people's blogs but for this blog entry, I visited her sites. I checked and analyzed and what I found shocked me---Ms. Uson claims to have five million followers, when in truth and in fact, she only have about 23,450 TRUE FOLLOWERS and the rest of those millions are BOTS!! Hay nacu, we have been deceived. I told myself--o see!

Ms. Uson is a product of someone's witty imagination. Her so-called "mass base" is an illusion for the rest of us, mere mortals, to believe that she is as popular as what she claims and several other people also claim as a Hollywood celebrity.

A good friend, a broadcast journalist, told me that there are two (2) things which Filipinos indulge in with vigorous frequency: sex and gossip. Mocha, for all intents and purposes, represents both sex and gossip. 

Okey, going back to the original topic.

Mocha says that she has every right to express herself thru her blog. Fine. That is the very essence of the right to free speech as guaranteed by the Constitution. 

Rights however, are not absolute. Like any other right, it entails responsibility. 

When you use this right to besmirch the reputation of another, with evident malice, and accuse them of committing a crime, you commit libel. When you curse someone, you commit slander. When you weaponize your site or blog and cause undue damage to a person or company online, you violate a special law, that is the Cyberlaw. 

Now, here's the thing. 

When you serve government, and you get your grocery budget from government, you lose your privacy status. You now become a public servant. You serve the people, not a person, such as President Duterte, because the monies you now get from being appointed as a government official come from the public treasury. Mr. Duterte admits not drawing monies from his own pocket. Hence, every centavo that Ms. Uson and, even by Mr. Nieto, is drawn from the public coffers. It comes from my taxes.  It comes from every Filipino's hard earned taxes. I don't allow government to spend my money paying such dimwits in government, no!

As a public servant, meaning an employed person under the bureaucracy of government, you are governed by the rules on conduct and demeanor as established by Congress thru the Civil Service Commission (CSC). Generally speaking, you don't curse other employees of government. You don't besmirch the reputation of another government official. In private firms, this is what you call having a divisive, unpardonable and un-teamster-like behavior subject to dismissal.

You may say--I am entitled to my own opinions. Yes, you are. What the rules say is that you are not being deprived of this right--you are being asked to exercise self-regulation or self-restraint. That is how a decent and moral person would do. 

Okey, granting for the sake of argument, that this right is absolute. The second point seemed too basic for Ms. Uson's taste, I guess. 

As a senior Communications official, it seemed that it did not occur in Ms. Uson's mind that she represents government and whatever comes out of her filthy mouth is now cloaked with public interest. 

She is different, because whatever she says, can be interpreted as official statements. 

Imagine, elementary and high school students quoting Ms. Uson and including her statements in their term papers? What if Ms. Uson's views are so outrageously different from official statements or opinions of government,what now? Will the PCOO issue disclaimers and corrections, everytime Ms. Uson communicates her mind? Will that serve the interests of communication and of the people? 

Okey, again, granting for the sake of argument that I am wrong and she is right. My third point is hard to dismiss.

There is this principle of "regularity" in the actions of public officials. Meaning, one is presumed to act or had acted with due diligence and in a lawful and rational manner. 

Ms. Uson is the Assistant Secretary for Social Media. Whether or not she says she does not use the resources of government in her blogging, Ms. Uson is presumed to be using the government in her daily blogging activities. 

If there are pieces of evidence that proves that Ms. Uson uses or have used the internet facilities of government or had ordered or issued an official order which affects the online activities of perceived "enemies of the state" which, according to the Civilian National Guard, includes "yellowtards", there is a strong possibility that Ms. Uson acted in contravention of her sworn duty as a public servant. 

When Ms. Uson spends money in promoting her insidious views or opinion in her blog, there is a presumption that she is using or had used government monies as well. Why? Simply because her designation is "assistant secretary of communications". The minute Ms. Uson types anything online, she is presumed to be acting in her capacity as a government official.

Neither the courts nor the CSC would accept the alibi of Ms. Uson that she spends her own monies doing her online activities because being online or administering government's social media activities is specifically her only function. It is her job to be online and to direct government activities online. 

And when we say "government" here, it does not say it is Mr. Duterte's, Uson's god. Mr. Duterte is just an elected official. He does not own government. 

Hence, Ms. Uson is expected to do her job as a government official handling the communication of government to its stakeholders, meaning the people and the international community. She is supposed to convey messages and statements that the government thinks it wise to convey. 

When Ms. Uson uses government resources and facilities in hitting perceived enemies of the state, Ms. Uson is simply liable for the misuse of public resources. 

And oh, by the way, this also applies to RJ "Thinking Panot" Nieto. Mr. Nieto tries to parry serious attacks on him by invoking that he is free to do and say whatever he wants, because he is just a mere consultant of government getting 12,000 pesos. 

There is no employee-employer relationship, says the Thinking Panot. 

Well, read the rules on government consultants, Mr. Panot, err Mr. Pun-Nieto. 

That 12,000 pesos which you get monthly from the DFA as their strategic head for communications, is highly irregular and suspicious. Mr. Panot admitted that he works alone and does not have a staff despite being a "strategic head."

That simply means, Mr. Panot that you are receiving a monthly payola from government. And your fancy title is simply a cover for that. 

Let me also remind my former student council member Mr. Foreign Secretary Allan Peter Cayetano that the act of a consultant reflects the mind of his principal. 

Are you then allowing your consultant Mr. Thinking Panot to act as your surrogate assassin? I don't think so. Yet, Mr. Cayetano, the very act of your thinking Panot seemed so.

Lemme ask decent government employees of the DFA and the OWWA--- does Mr. Nieto here represent your views and opinions online? Do you share Mr. Nieto's disrespectful demeanor and obvious disdain of fellow government colleagues like those Senators whom Mr. Nieto disrespected during the probe? 

I've been a DFA employee and those men and women at the DFA and at the OWWA are the most respected people in all of this Republic. Then, why allow such an imperious person like Mr. Nieto serve as your consultant for social media? 

This is what I am saying here---these despicable acts of these two laughable characters, Ms. Uson and Mr. Nieto, are affecting the image and reputation of this administration.

They are dead weights and future events would show that they are serving not Mr. Duterte's interests but of those who want him thrown in jail. By showing how imperious and how arrogant they are, Mr. Nieto and Ms. Uson are destroying Mr. Duterte.

The case of RJ Nieto and Mocha USon--when you give power to dimwits

I disagree with so-called "thinking Pinoy" RJ Nieto and Mocha Uson that blogs are "essentially opinion-based" sites. Generally, blogs are sites which exhibit experiences by people. It is a journal. It is a source of information, whether an information which is critical in the formation of an opinion or purely information. 

For example, RJ Nieto reveals a new information or he narrates his experience covering a particular event, that blog becomes "news" because it came from a "coverage" of a particular event. There are instances when blogs do not just purvey opinions--- it is likewise used as news platforms. 

That is basic. And I simply don't know why Nieto and Mocha are insisting that they did nothing wrong. 

When you write a blog and you tell people that this thing is happening or had happened, or you share a news item from a fake news site and then coat it with your own opinion, you are practically aiding in the spread of that false information.

Is it illegal? Probably yes because if it attacks a certain person and it causes him undue harm, that is punishable thru the Cyber Crime law. The law punishes those who spread a libelous news item. 

Is it patently immoral? Absolutely yes! You practically contributed to the diminution of progressive thinking in this country. When blogs become weapons promoting base ideas, these blogs become dangerous sites.  

Honestly, I don't read Thinking Pinoy, because it is a site that demeans Filipinos. It is a divisive site just interpreting the meaning of the title alone. It's a site of an imperious person, the kind that thinks he is the only one to be believed or the only one that monopolize opinions. 

RJ Nieto, who claims to be a "Thinking Pinoy," needs psychiatric treatment. Like his principal, Mr. Duterte, RJ Nieto exhibited streaks of megalomania when he addressed members of the Senate during the probe about this so-called "fake news." He showed that he is an imperious person, the very same traits shown by several other Duterte supporters. He is a disgrace to the blogger community. Someone describes him more of a "thinking panot" than a "thinking Pinoy."

The manner by which Mr. Nieto answered those questions by his fellow government officials is condemnable. Like how Mr. Faeldon treated Senators during the Customs hearing, Mr. Nieto showed a demeanor similar with those of the SS during Hitler's time. They have one-tracked minds. 

That is simply the effect of giving power to the dimwitted.