Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Davide in cahoots with former leader Arroyo, Estrada charges

Mikey Arroyo expects former Chief Justice Hilario Davide to clear his parents, the disgraced leader Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her husband, former First Golfer, err, Gentleman, Mike Arroyo. Davide, who was appointed by President Noynoy Aquino to head the commission that will investigate the numerous controversies that hounded the Arroyo administration, is a former lapdog of the previous dispensation. 

Shortly after his retirement from the bench, Davide was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations by Arroyo. He was kept away from Philippine politics until 2010, when he reportedly broke away and supported Noynoy during the elections. 

His strongest backer this time is Liberal party chairman emeritus former Senate president Jovito Salonga, who previously asked Noynoy to appoint the controversial Chief Justice to the Foreign Affairs portfolio. Davide was instead appointed to the commission.

Seems like this administration is really not serious in its promise to prosecute Arroyo and her Mafia men from the numerous crimes they committed against the Filipino People. And former president Joseph Estrada believes so. 

In his interview last night over at DZMM, Estrada said he believes Davide will just be used to clear the name of the Arroyos. Estrada accuses Davide of being partial to the hands that fed him for nine years. The ousted leader is still bitter over the treachery of Davide in 2001. 

Estrada admits that he appointed Davide for two (2) reasons: he was most senior among the Associate justices at that time and that tobacco magnate Lucio Tan convinced him to sign Davide's appointment as Chief Justice.

The former leader recounted how he was invited to Lucio Tan's suite where Davide and a host of others were there. Tan reportedly asked Estrada to appoint Davide as Chief Justice. Unknown to the president, Tan allegedly had a deal already with Davide to clear him of the 26 billion tax evasion case which the government filed against him.

Estrada recounted that he ordered the BIR to pursue the case before the Supreme Court. The Davide Supreme Court remanded the case to a lower court where Tan managed to secure a not guilty verdict. 

It appears that Davide was instrumental in clearing Tan from that big TAX EVASION CASE.

Estrada also accused Davide of spending close to 800 million pesos just for the renovation of the Supreme Court building and the rest houses of the justices in Baguio. Instead of using the money to benefit poor employees of the lower courts, Davide reportedly favored the remodeling plan. 

By the way, the Department of Justice secretary Leila de Lima is waiting for the Truth Commission to release its guidelines on the handling of cases filed against the Arroyos. Seems like this early, the present dispensation is arranging the "predicate" so to speak, for the eventual clearing of the name of Macapal-Arroyo.