Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The forgotten SAF 44

Just like what I mentioned in my radio program Action Line sa Radyo Inquirer 990 (every Saturday, 12:30-1:30pm), this government has fully abandoned the pursuit for justice of its brave warriors, the SAF 44.

President Aquino did not even mentioned them in his State of the Nation address, a big and controversial issue that nearly tore this country apart. What the President did not understand is the fact that it is highly necessary for the government to campaign for the attainment of justice for these ill-fated troopers because they were supposed to be the long arm of the law!

What kind of leadership do we show the world when we cannot even protect and defend the rights of the very ones who are supposed to implement the law? In other countries, when criminals kill cops, groups of cops undertake hot pursuit operations to kill those bastards. The reason is simple--government must impress upon everybody it is a serious crime to kill even one cop. How will our people respect the cop uniform when we see them getting none of the justice which they truly deserve?

It is now 185 days after that Mamasapano massacre, and government has not even moved an inch towards filing criminal charges against those responsible for killing our brave warriors. Why?

The blood of our warriors shout unto high heavens from those fields where they fell.