Thursday, July 30, 2015

President Pnoy endorses FOI as priority bill

Masasabi nating last minute ito, pero, okey pa rin.

President Pnoy just made my day. In an apparent effort to recover his integrity, this President has just endorsed the Freedom on Information bill as a priority measure. I think my good friend, former Majority Floor leader Erin Tanada would really be very happy with this development.

Tanada has been advocating for the passage of this bill for more than five years already. The fact is, this FOI is the commitment of Pnoy when he is asking us for support. Most groups agreed to support Pnoy when he agreed to make this a priority measure. Now that he did in spite of this being a last minute thing, this is still okay with me.

Why is this a very important thing? This bill allows the public to gain access to government documents. A highly transparent government is a good thing. It is an empowering measure and is an effective deterrent against graft and corrupt practices.

I have personally seen the effects of transparency in government. This philosophy has been effected at the Bureau of Immigration and in all sincerity, this has brought miracles to the bureaucracy.

I'm crossing my fingers and hope that this time, this President is sincere enough to see this bill passes thru Congress.