Sunday, December 25, 2011

Asiong Salonga Story

As a kid, I'm quite familiar with the movies of Joseph "Erap" Estrada. There are two (2) movies which I still fondly remember and impressed me a lot. One such film was when he portrayed the character of Diegong Daga. It was megged in 1968 but was shown at RPN9 every afternoon during Martial law. And of course, Asiong Salonga. 

I searched the web for the true biography of Asiong Salonga but found only one---a newspaper article about his death. I tried to look for any criminal case filed against him that reached the Supreme Court, but found none. I'll find time to seriously write a biography of Asiong Salonga very soon.

I am also interested in his genealogy--where did he came from? The movie "Manila Kingpin" says that he was born and raised in Tondo Manila. Good. Were his grandparents, migrants from Pampanga, since most Salongas came from there. 

The surname "Salonga" is mythical, in the sense that it is directly linked to the House of Soliman, the hegemon of Tondo before the Spaniards came. Most of the royal blood line members migrated stealthly in Pampanga and in Bulacan after the Spanish forces tried to eradicate all of them. Fortunately, most of Soliman's house survived. Aside from the Salongas, Gatdula is also one revered surname that survived the Colonial rule.

Anyway, a few hours from now, I and my family will be watching Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga story. For a Manileno like me, it is interesting to know or at least relive the life story of this man. He personified the tumultuous era of the 1950s and 1960s.

I would really want also to see the editor's cut of the film. But, I reserve judgment later. After I finish watching the film, will I write a review about it.

Curiously though, two Salongas got the nation's nod during those times--one a bar top notcher by the name of Senator Jovito Salonga and Asiong. At the age of 27, Asiong died reportedly at the hands of the henchman of his friend, Totoy Golem. Ernesto Reyes gunned down the King of Tondo during a drinking session. Reyes denied killing Asiong and said that it was just accidental. His 38 revolver went off during a scuffle between Reyes and one of Asiong's men.

Anyway, this is the only piece of news available online. I'll try to go to the National Library and scan the 1950's and 1960's newspapers for additional information about Asiong Salonga.

Meanwhile, here's Gloc9's Youtube video on the film