Saturday, May 1, 2010

YOU ready to join the People: PGMA allies plan palace coup

The Young Organizers Union (YOU), the civilian organization of the Young Officers' Union (YOU), expresses its desire to join the Filipino People in its fight against electoral fraud and warns that it will take a more militant stance if Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo continues her plan to hold on to power.

The expose of Marine Capt. Nicanor Faeldon that this administration plans to sabotage the forthcoming elections is alarming, even the Palace and the AFP admitted it. Faeldon is surely not lying. Indications are rife and there are numerous signs that this administration will definitely not entirely give up power even after the elections.

What is the most probable scenario come May 10?

One, this elections will surely encounter major glitches in its automated elections. Major glitches will result to massive disenfranchisement. Massive disenfranchisement will lead to major discontent. If these pockets of discontent become big especially in urban areas, this will justify dissent. Dissent will not only involve the People--it will galvanize the ranks of anti-Arroyo forces and bring about a strong motive force capable of bringing down this administration.

As I again repeat---the Filipino People will not allow another Hello Garci scandal, especially an automated one. Unlike 2005 when the Filipino People did not do anything to oust the administration, this time around, the People will not stand idly by and watch as this administration sabotage democracy. We agree with what Capt. Faeldon said--the People are fed up with these shenanigans in power. The People will militate and will express itself more violently than before.

The second part of this scenario--should there be massive protests, the obvious plan of this administration is a palace coup d'etat. The transitory committee headed by Executive secretary Leandro Mendoza will declare a state of emergency. Mendoza will transform the government into a transitory government and with the support of AFP chief of Staff General Delfin Bangit and Defense secretary Norberto Gonzales, will justify their act as an "act in defense of democracy".

This transitory government will try to qualm the raging storm thru the imposition of a state of emergency. This government will try to manage the national counting while the entire country is placed under a state of emergency. When a favorable outcome results, they will then prepare the bureaucracy for a turnover of power. A favorable outcome depends on the victory of Palace-backed candidates, which, are either Teodoro or Villar.

If the outcome tends to favor Noynoy Aquino, then, this government will continue its plan of extending the period of the transitory government. The government will govern for six months and while it governs, will call for another presidential elections. The parliamentary poll results will be respected.

When a Speaker shall have been elected into power, then, the Speaker will head the transition government. The most obvious and intended result is Mrs. Arroyo serving as Speaker while her most favored candidate (either Teodoro or Villar) is expected to clinch victory in the presidential polls. If Noynoy's win is tooo huge, they will then call for another elections within a period of six months.