Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pre-election jitters: Gordon calls for postponement of 2013 mid-term elections

Lines tripped. This is the explanation of the National Power Corporation about yesterday's massive electricity shut down. Six plants, explained the Napocor, were functioning properly, except that there was a tripping in the Ilijan line which caused the massive shutdown of the rest of the grid. Transmission was the problem.

Napocor however failed to point what caused the tripping in the transmission lines. Was there sabotage? If there are no technical glitches, then, it must have been "human intervention" that caused those transmission lines to trip? Overloading is one of the main or common causes of transmission trips but Napocor discounted that. So, the only one left is human intervention.

Since this election is computerized, it needs two things--electricity to power up the counting machines and communication transmission to relay the results of the polls per precinct to the headquarters. Aside from these electricity trips, communication is not as ideal as what he expects it.

Senatorial candidate Richard Gordon calls for a postponement of the elections, fearing that the integrity of the elections has been tainted what with lingering doubts as to the accuracy of the PCOS machines and these "uncanny incidents" of power shortages and communication "triplines".

This administration must ensure that violence will not break out in the provinces and even in several urban hotspots. Political rivalries have heated up in several cities and violence is not as far fetched as what others try to picture it. Even now, several politics-related incidents have been reported.

Political uncertainty is slowly waifing in the air....