Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ramgen Revilla-Janelle Manahan sex video

One of the things Filipinos find utterly despicable is when people desecrate the memory of the dead. Last year, the dastardly killing of Ramgen Revilla, son of former senator Ramon Revilla Senior, hugged the headlines. It has melodramatic elements into it and even funny because the perpetuators of the crime were so stupid, they hired killers and eventually did it themselves in the end. More, suspects behind the killing were even members of the victim's family, making this brutal episode one for the books, that is telenovelas.

Worst, several people even tried to desecrate the memory of the late Ramgen by spreading a vicious sex video of the victim with his girlfriend. The sex video shows the victim inside a bathroom with his girlfriend. Those who tried to use the social media for their extremely tasteless deed, did not even think that it will backfire upon them.

So what if Janelle and Ramgen had a sex video? Will this sex video change things, the fact that Ramgen was killed reportedly by members of his own family? The twisted mind that allowed this to be spread virally should be equally prosecuted by the law. 

Will this sex video exculpate the killers from their deed? Obviously not. Will this sex video even affect the credibility of Janelle Manahan who happens to be a victim herself and saw what really happened? Obviously not. So, why desecrate the memory of this fine young lad who was allegedly stripped of his right to life by the very same people whom he treated as his siblings? If those who think that this will affect Janelle's credibility as a witness, think again. Based on law, it will not even dent hers simply because she is a formidable witness being a victim herself.

I urge my fellow netizens not to spread or share the link for this video. THis is too much.