Monday, January 31, 2011

Anne Curtis and her Porsche

The sultry Anne
Let's have a breather for a while and let's talk about Anne Curtis.

Anne Curtis is really very popular these days not just because she has one of the most beautiful faces in Philippine cinema--she's known for her professionalism and industriousness.

At twenty five years old (Her birthday falls on the 17th of February 1985), this Filipina-Australian actress was recently spotted on the driver's seat of a new black Porsche. Yes, this very controversial German car, which hugged the headlines recently after President Noy got one, is the hottest big-ticket item nowadays. It's not the most expensive, mind you, there are others bigger and more expensive than a Porsche. Right now though, it's the most desired. 

ANAK TV seal hailed her as the most admired female personality. Despite her hot, sexy looks, Anne has achieved what no other actress in her age group had---a very nice public reputation.

Credit that to the fine handling of her career. 

Anne Curtis
Anne Curtis is also one of the richest actresses in her time. She's the stuff of billboards along EDSA and numerous magazine covers. She hosts the successful noontime show Showtime and has starred in hit movies.

Curtis started doing movies at a very young age. When she became a teen, she was actually the hottest. And now that she's a fine, young woman, she has blossomed into one of the most desirable creatures in Philippine showbusiness.

When news spread that she acquired a Porsche, nobody squirmed or frown. She deserves it. Anne is known as one of the most professional and the most hard-working actresses in her time and she deserves nothing less than a Porsche. 

Stars should be all glam. And an Anne Curtis deserves not just a Porsche maybe a Ferrari.

That's different when a public official is concerned. Public officials are expected to live an austere life, away from the glamourous glare of media attention.