Friday, August 24, 2012

Conspiracy Theories Behind the Death of Jesse Robredo

Speculations and nasty conspiracy theories are spreading like wildfire online about the real reason behind the untimely death of Jesse Robredo. Many believe that he was assassinated, that his plane was bombed. Others believe that the aide de camp knew about a plan to assassinate the good secretary that explains why he was able to extricate himself to safety and left Robredo behind to die.

Credit that to the way the palace handled the entire thing. For one, according to sources, findings of an autopsy were not released publicly, and only the Presidential Security Group or PSG was allowed to view the remains of the deceased secretary of the interior. 

CRedit that to the ever-changing testimony of the aide de camp, who claimed that he lost consciousness while hugging Robredo and only woke up and noticed that the plane had a hole already and the secretary was nowhere to be found. He said that he presumed that the secretary had already been extricated to safety, that's why he alighted from the plane.

Credit that to the speed that Malacanang tried to contain the entire thing. News reports were released stating how strong the friendship was between the President and the deceased, while never admitting that, in the first place, the President at first, hesitated in appointing Robredo for the post. This is public knowledge. This also explains why the Commission on Appointments dilly-dallied on formally announcing the appointment of Robredo because several members thought that Robredo did not really enjoy the trust and confidence of the President. Several people thought that Malacanang was trying to contain the situation and trying to insulate itself from suspicions.

What are the conspiracy theories behind the death of the good secretary?

Conspiracy Theory No. 1: Robredo's plane was sabotaged.

According to people behind this "theory", Robredo's plane was reportedly sabotaged. The fuel that was put there was diluted engine fuel, that explains why the plane did not reach its destination.

I think that there was no sabotage that happened. There is, however, some truth to this since the owner of the plane is being investigated right now because of previous allegations pointing to the practice of the airplane owner to put sub-standard fuel in their planes. Aviatour had a plane crash a month prior to Robredo's and the cause was the use of sub-standard fuel.

However, Robredo was nor coerced nor forced to ride the plane. It was Robredo himself who decided to board the plane to reach his daughter's event on time. 

Conspiracy Theory No. 2: Robredo's plane was bombed

This explains why a "hole" was reportedly seen right next to the body of the late Interior secretary. 

Crap. Bull. There is no "hole" in the plane. There is, however, a big gash and several breakages inside the fuselage, which signified a worst sea landing.

Conspiracy Theory no. 3: There is a "black box" which would explain the real cause of Robredo's death

CRap. bull. THere is no such thing. Black boxes are only put in commercial airplanes, not these small aircraft.

Now, who are the "usual suspects" whom people think conspired to kill Robredo?

Suspect No. 1: Officials behind the helicopter mess
Suspect No. 2: Officials behind the gun purchase, fire equipment

For me---who killed Robredo? God. No one conspired to kill the good secretary.