Monday, June 1, 2009

Villar on Trial

How many Senators have been tried for unethical conduct? Since the inception of the Senate as an institution, there are some. However, how many Senators have been charged with a humongous amount of 400 million peso conflict of interest? Just one and that is Senator Manuel "Sipag at Tyaga" Villar.

Villar stands trial as we speak. The Senate pursued the trial hearing despite the Supreme Court asking the co-equal branch of government to answer the motion for injunction filed by Villar.

Was there discourteous behavior on the part of the Senate, seeing that a co-equal branch already presumed jurisdiction on the matter? None. Why? Because it is the right of the Senate to conduct it's own proceedings and rules independent on the rules of the Supreme Court.

Atty. Francisco is now speaking before millions of Filipinos watching the proceedings live on television. I am equally proud of ANC because, despite pressures from the ad sponsors, they proceeded with the live airing of this trial.

I recall the impeachment trial of former president Joseph Estrada. Remember that it was Villar who pounded the gravel in the Lower House that allowed Estrada's impeachment papers to be communicated to the Senate.

Estrada was not able to attend his impeachment trial before the Senate. I remember it was also Senator Aquilino Pimentel who vigorously proceeded with the impeachment trial.

Now, the same trial is now before us, with Villar the center of accusations and charges. Pimentel, by the way, is now the de facto counsel of Villar, along with Senator Joker Arroyo. Instead of defending their colleague and friend, they elected not to attend the trial of the accused.

As what Estrada said " weather-weather lang yan." Mukhang nakaganti na si Erap kay Villar.

Now, to Anonymous who commented with an ad hominem attack against me, I dare him or her---prove that I'm a paid hack against Villar. If you can't prove your case before this site, then, you're the paid hack.

The only potent antidote against these kinds of pieces is simply present the alternate view and not resort to ad hominem attacks.