Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mrs. Arroyo and her travels

Read the figures:

52 trips in 30 countries in a span of 8 years with 30 to as much as 192 people as escorts. Cool.

That's the perks of the presidential office. For a diminutive head of state in one of Asia's impoverished countries, that's a feat. Imagine, ten trips to the US and seven to China and yet, Mrs. Arroyo could not even tell us why there's a collision off Subic between a US sub and a Chinese vessel. Or why she was not able to prevent North Korea from launching that nuclear warhead over the South. At this time, Mrs. Arroyo is truly, the Philippines' most travelled head of state.

Maybe Mrs. Arroyo wants to learn more of the world and thinks she can apply everything she saw there here. Or, she's not getting the right attention here, unlike when she goes abroad. As the bible says, a prophet is really not welcome in her home country.

Or since the Philippines has about 10 million Filipinos abroad, maybe Gloria wants to check on them regularly. You know, being the "mother of the nation" and all.

FVR and the Inquirer make fun out of her travels. For me though, its okey.

Yet, the best thing for Gloria to do is really travel abroad. Seriously.

I want her to find the best place for her to spend her retirement years. Or, some place where she could go when she signs that resignation letter. And then ask her never to come back here.