Friday, June 12, 2009

Puno says nothing about Independence

Chief Justice Reynaldo Puno is getting angrier every after single controversy happening in our body politic. In Independence rites celebrations before the Bonifacio monument in Caloocan, the Chief Justice said that there's no reason to celebrate since we are still not free.

Honestly, Puno deserves all the attention he's getting especially from the middle class and the elite who tries to prop him up as an alternative presidential candidate. Yet, despite his bravado and his nationalist slants, the Masses have not given him the accolade he deserves. His trust rating is somewhat low and people don't really make sense in all that he's saying. What's wrong?

Puno is saying the right things at the right time, but people are not really taking it seriously. The Masses are just shrugging him off, as if they're saying that Puno's speeches are all air?

It's easy to get angry, but perhaps the reason why people don't associate themselves with that righteous angst is the fact that they see all talk and no action from the Chief Justice. Likewise, they see him as the candidate of the counter-elite, not the one they prefer. But, who is that one person whom the masses really prefer as their candidate?

According to recent studies, the masses prefer a leader who is both conscientious and a man of action. People want leaders who have rock solid integrity, a track record of service to the nation, a program of government and is capable of winning. People hate losers. They don't warm up to the weak, which is a natural human instinct. They flock to the Strong.

In the next few weeks, I, along with some personalities, will ask the People---who do you think deserves to be our leader? Do you prefer those you see on television, mouthing both platitudes and attacks against government? Do you prefer that young turk with a sweet tongue or that young former banker with a beautiful girlfriend? Or, you want to go back to the arms of a disgraced leader? Or you want a new one who'll gobble up thousands of acres of our land and make them into low-cost housing units? Or, a man with a booming voice?

Let the masses decide for us.