Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Rape of the 1987 Constitution

As I write this, a coup is being hatched right in the middle of the plenary hall of the controversial Lower house. Majority Congressman just arrogated the entire plenary powers given to them by the Constitution to expedite the passage of Resolution 1109. No Senator was on the floor. The Lower House forgot that the very nature of our system is that of a bicameral system. What they are doing right now is an outright violation of the Constitution. It is very clear in the Constitution that all proposals for charter change should involve both Houses, voting separately. By doing this extended session tonight, they clearly showed a resolve to push for cha-cha whatever happens.

Clearly, this extra-constitutional exercise is meant to open and destroy the Charter. What they plan to do is expedite the passage of the Resolution so that they can present this as a gift to Mrs. Arroyo, who is safely ensconced abroad while this rape of the Charter is being implemented. It is very clear that these people meant to change the system of government prior to May 10, 2010. Inspite of what other Opposition figures think, that there is really no time for charter change, the Lower House can proceed acting as a Constituent Assembly while waiting for the Supreme Court to resolve this justiciable issue.

If they pass Resolution 1109, opening the Charter and convening themselves as a Constituent Assembly, the Majority can introduce changes in the Charter the minute it is approved. The Speaker can again arrogate full powers to himself and call for an extension of the session for charter change. It is wrong to assume that there is still time to avert their cha-cha plans since the Lower House would now have full and blanket powers the very minute this Resolution is passed.

And what is the plan of those behind this coup? Obviously, to present a New System of Government come the State of the Nation Address of Mrs. Arroyo in July. Yes, the government is not lying when it said that elections will push thru come May 10, 2010. There will be elections, albeit, for representatives of a federal parliamentary unicameral system.

What I am concerned is the non-chalance being shown by the People regarding this matter. It is chilling, to say the least. Where is the People while these rapists assault the very Charter of the Filipino People?

And where are the soldiers who vowed to protect the Constitution and the People? This is a crime most foul.