Friday, June 19, 2009

Villar to run for Congressman of Las Pinas

Senator Manny Villar is gunning for the gold, that is, the top post really. And he's bidding his time.

He says if there's con-ass and Mrs. Arroyo's allies succeed in transforming Congress as parliament, then, he intends to run as a Las Pinas Congressman and gun for the Prime Ministership. Either that or he continues his plan to run for President.

That, for you, is Manny Villar. A flexible man. A pliable man. A man with the mission--to insulate himself from political and corporate attacks after his term ends as Senator.

Poor, Mr. Villar. Like his friend Mrs. Arroyo, he's determined to continue his dominance in Las Pinas to protect himself from possible prosecution. He faces a very tough case, what with overwhelming evidence on the C-5 diversion road project against him. Like Mrs. Arroyo, Villar thinks that being in the public limelight shields him from answering these accusations and going to jail.

Just like evangelists, public officials like Villar use their position to protect their businesses and personal interests. If an evangelist with a television show got 1.2 billion pesos as payment for right-of-way and get away with it unscathed, why not Villar? He thinks that as Senator, he really can get away with almost anything. His behavior during the Senate ethics trial against him shows his contempt with institutions and his tendency to use his position as buffer against his numerous enemies.

Like other contemptious feudal lords, Villar thinks that Las Pinas serves as his fiefdom, a place where he finds succor whenever in political trouble. Since the early 1990's, the Villars have been the "ruling family" in Las Pinas. They have a political dynasty there. When he finished his term as Congressman, his wife, Cynthia replaced him. Now on her third term, the Villars decided to field their son Mak. However, should Villar decides to go back to his original post, his son is very much willing to give way.