Friday, July 17, 2009

Danny Lim and the Patriots--Mga Maginoo

Brigadier General Danny Lim is a person of high integrity. A West Pointer, Lim dedicated most of his life to the service of the Filipino People. Yesterday, Lim said he's seriously considering running for a senatorial post. He says that he's still committed towards achieving lasting peace through an improvement in the political system.

Another officer who is also thinking of running is General Ariel Querubin. Like Lim, he's also under detention for alleged mutiny charges.

Teddy Casino is rumoured to be eyeing a senatorial seat himself. Good. Like Lim and Querubin, Teddy exemplifies the kind of legislator we need for the Upper Chamber. He's young. He's idealistic and has an electrifying charisma.

Joey de Venecia III has also intimated his desire to run for a senatorial post. The younger de Venecia, if you remember, went out of his comfort zone as a businessman and sacrificed almost everything just to at least make that ZTE transaction above board.

Pia Hontiveros' sister Hontiveros-Paraquel, is also gunning for a senatorial seat. Like Teddy, she has a very strong will and principles for the benefit of the Filipino People. She deserves our attention and support.

Governor Grace Padaca, I heard, is also running for a higher post. Her achievements in her hometown deserves emulation.

Susan "Toots" Ople, the daughter of former Labor secretary and Senator Blas Ople, is also Senatorial material. Toots has been helping OFW's through the Blas Ople Labor Policy Center. She's one of the OFW's hopes for them to at least be heard in the chambers of Congress.

If Roilo Golez intends to run for a senatorial post, many people would be extremely happy. Golez is an expert in security matters and our security infrastructure would definitely be enriched with his contributions.

Is Ruffy Biazon, son of nationalist Senator Rodolfo Biazon, running for a higher post? I hope so. He could be one of our finest senators in the new generation.

I heard bar topnotcher Atty. Kiko Pimentel III is expected to resume his campaign. He nearly won the 2007 elections after a bitter contest with Senator Juan Zubiri. Hope things turn out different this time, since automated na ang elections.

Adel Tamano, son of former Senator Mamintal Tamano, is running under the Nacionalista Party. His ratings are really not that high and I heard that many Muslims do not like him. Nonetheless, I think Adel has the qualities of a good senator. He deserves a chance. He's intelligent and has the vision to pursue the Bangsamoro agenda in the upper chamber.

Lastly, there's another idealistic officer who wants to run for a senatorial post. I am still not at liberty to reveal his name except that if this person stands up and tells me that I need to go out of my comfort zone and fight for my country even with my bare hands, I will. This guy has the highest integrity. And even if he's past fifty, the last time I talked with him, he still has the same fire in his belly. He is, to me and others, the true Maginoo.