Friday, July 17, 2009

Five Great Patriots

When I was still studying at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, I had the chance to befriend five great men, and I'm not ashamed to write them all here because I believe that, given the chance, they definitely would contribute towards a better Philippines.

Let's start off with Bong Bongolan. Bong used to be our student Council Chairman. He ran and won under SAMASA, the dominant student political party during our time. I remember that it was during his term that I also ran for the CSSP vice chairmanship post and won. Bong is a very intelligent man. He's one of the best economists. He's now helping the government thru the National Home Finance Corporation (?). Bong has brilliant ideas and given the chance, he'll be a very good Congressman should he choose to run.

Alex Lacson was my "kuya" when I stayed for four years at the Narra dormitory (now closed after a great fire). He finished his law studies and I think, is now in private practice. Last time I heard, he ran and lost in the running for a local post in his hometown in Bacolod. We're supposed to be fraternity brothers but sadly, I choose to be with the masses.

One of Mike Defensor's best buddy (and frat brother) Miro Quimbo, finished his studies at UP Law and went on to become of one of this country's best lawyers. When Mike started his political career as a QC councilor, Miro has been with him since then. After EDSA dos, Miro was appointed as president of Pag-Ibig. I have'nt heard one single graft case or complaint against Miro. In fact, I think that Pag-Ibig is one of the best performers among government's companies. There are talks that Miro will be running for a local post in Marikina. Miro deserves to win.

There's another one, Ariel Nepomuceno, who also ran as one of our best student councilors in my time. Ariel helped form the Independent Student Alliance (ISA). The last time that we met was so many years ago. He was appointed as VP of the Food Terminal Incorporated (FTI). After that, no more news about him. Should he decides to run for a local post, he'll have my firm support.

Lastly, there's another one and his name is Atty. Jijil Jimenez. Jimenez was also a former student council chairman. When he finished his law studies at the UP, Jijil decided to carve a career at the labor department, serving I think as attache. Sometime ago, he was appointed as Deputy Administrator of the OWWA. Last time I heard, he ran for a congressional (?) post in his province and lost. He's now in private practice but should he decide to run, he'll have my support.