Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Malacanang to release Implementing Rules on Cheaper Medicines Law

Executive secretary Eduardo Ermita just announced that they will be releasing implementing rules and regulations on the Cheaper Medicines Law. Question---why the haste? Ermita should resolve the raging controversy regarding the alleged bribery attempt by Pfizer first, before they jump into another issue. It seems that this is just a diversionary tactic meant to dilute the effects of the reported attempted bribery.

And what is this I heard that the US State department will ask Mrs. Arroyo not to implement the Cheaper Medicines Law? It's not surprising since read the Huffington Post how Pfizer uses its contacts in the US State department before to deter the implementation of the law.

By the way, this is now a personal advocacy. I've set up a public service blog titled "Cheap Medicine". You can find it here at http://cheapermedicine.blogspot.com.