Thursday, July 9, 2009

Metro Bombings and Games of the Generals

A witty entry from BarakoJam. Let's read:

Ah, heavenly, I say, as I smell the aroma coming from my freshly brewed barako. I lighted my cigarette and inhaled the heavenly smoke. As I was about to open my Inquirer, my eyes gazed upon the headline: "AFP: Next Target Metro; Security Forces on Alert." Wow. Talk about a headline.

Thoughts suddenly raced inside my mind, probably due to nicotine and caffeine both kicking in. If they already know that these stupid terrorists are roaming the metropolis a few weeks back, why the hell did they even allow them to (1) launch their bombing attacks in both Metro Manila and Mindanao and (2) even let them sleep and rest in their safehouses. NCR Command Major General Jogy Leo Fojas (PMA Class 1976) said they already know where these terrorists are hiding. Okey. So, what will you be doing about that, Mr. General? Are you just going to watch them on CCTV, hoping to get them urinating somewhere or committing a crime before you even arrest them? What's the use of the anti-terror or Human Security Act?

Then, my eyes saw the very words of NCRPO chief Roberto Rosales (PMA Class 1978). He says that he beat Fojas to the punch by declaring red alert ahead of Fojas. What? Is this a race to impress Madame?

Then, I read the next page. Ah, so that's it. Fojas is not preparing against real terrorists. No. If what his mistah, PNP Chief Director Jesus Verzosa is to be believed, they will be doing some "sona" work, that is special clearing operations, "one or two days prior to SONA (State of the Nation Address)" in places near Congress and others where rallyists traditionally converge or come from.

So, what these esteemed gentlemen plan to do is use the law against anti charter change rallyists. That belies the real plan of Malacanang---prevent rallyists from getting their critical numbers come July 27. Why? If there's so much people chanting and shouting together in unison against cha-cha, that'll be sending the strongest possible message of condemnation against this regime.

But, no, those hawks inside the palace will not allow that. Joe de Venecia Jr. said that as early as 2007, his former friend, Mrs. Arroyo has been toying around the martial law card. Hawks who share her bed, err, mind, would fight tooth and nail, "patay kung patay", should groups move against the regime. Now, would they do the same thing now? Of course, JDV say.

Yet, look at this thing very closely. Two officials, both heads of our security agencies in all of NCR, are somewhat both breast beating. They, Fojas, a member of PMA Class 1976 and Rosales of PMA Class 1978, are both trying to impress Madame that they're capable of defending her against her enemies. Talk about doggish loyalty.

So the games of the generals are on and the play against so-called terrorists continues. And who'll suffer the most should this regime ram charter change down---you guessed it right---the people.