Monday, July 20, 2009

Tita Cory---I remember

Tita Cory, are you in pain? Don't be. God is looking at you, up there. He's sending His angels to take care of you, as you fight it. I know you can do it. For you have God's spirit.

Tita Cory, are you in pain? If you are, be happy. For millions pray for your recovery. I know it's difficult. We know it's hard. But, bear it a little longer. God is looking at you, up there. You still are being used as His vessel of love, of peace, of happiness.

Tita Cory, here, eat some honey. It would take your worries away. You have'nt eaten for a while. I'm scared that you actually told one of your closest friends that you want to be with Ninoy. Ah, yes, that man who gave his life so that others may live, yes, I remember him.

I remember seeing him on television, sprawled at the airport pavement, lifeless, with a gunshot wound on his face. I remember how his brother cried and how you, Tita Cory, bravely faced the media, still shocked at what happened.

I remember how Macoy denied that he had a hand on that despicable crime and blamed the Communists for killing Ninoy. I remember how Meldy just danced the night away as if no tragedy, no crime so foul had happened.

I remember how thousands of Pinoys braved the curfews and trooped to your husband's wake. You must have been so tired shaking all their hands. But, never did I see you harangue, for I think you pulled all their love and used it as your strength. But, I know, that, you broke your heart that day, for God took your precious love away.

I remember how millions mourn as Ninoy's casket went by. I know. My tita tugged me along to see for myself how a young man who bravely told the world, " The Filipino is worth dying for" has now been a victim of injustice himself. I saw you, you as radiant as Joan of Arc, wearing that yellow dress, a symbol of serenity.

I remember listening as you speak calmly over Radio Veritas, urging Filipinos to boycott San Miguel products. I remember how I deliberately threw my cigarette and vowed never to light one again since it came from Lucio Tan's company, a known Marcos crony.

I remember my tita telling me to dress up coz we're going to EDSA. I thought we're just going to VV Soliven building, owned by her friend. But, nay. We went to Camp Aguinaldo and we're the first to be there, before the tanks and the soldiers and the helicopters came.

I remember your sweet voice as you swore allegiance to the Constitution, give justice to every man and invoked the name of God. That was your vow and you never waivered.

I remember when you faced the throng of soldiers and I was then living in one of UP's dormitories and how you bravely stood your ground against them.

I remember you smiled when you attended Ramos oath-taking and how you calmly and silently faded from the public scene and devoted your time with God and His Causes. I never heard your sweet voice again.

I remember you stood up and asked the people to decide on where they want their future to lie. When you stood up against Erap, everybody clapped and went straight to EDSA. After the smoke had died down and Gloria took her oath, you, again, faded into the darkness and went back to your God.

I remember I heard your voice again when Gloria admitted fooling the people and admitted that she did, indeed, called a COMELEC commissioner. You went out of your comfort zone again and this time, with the nuns behind you, you stood up and challenged Gloria. It was a sight to behold. Rally after rally, you were there, though your health was failing.

When my friend Joey and his friend Jun went out of their comfort zones, you were there, with them. When idealistic soldiers stood up and say "Enough is enough! Oust Gloria", you were also there, with them, praying and giving them courage.

Now, my love, my Tita Cory, you're fighting the battle which only God can conquer. Rest, my Tita Cory. I know you still want to fight because there's still no one out there to replace you at the frontlines.

Rest easy, my Tita Cory. Someday, some one will stand up and fight this evil regime. Someone, somewhere will emerge and like you, brave the darkness for Light to shine once again in this blighted land. And it will not be just one. It will be many. It will be a legion. It will be millions who'll bravely say that Enough is Enough, we need our freedoms back! And that would be the day, my Tita Cory, that God will close your eyes and say, " You have done enough, my sweet daughter. Go back home in peace."