Monday, July 13, 2009

Transport Strike Paralyzes RP

PISTON President George San Pedro said that today's transport strike paralyzed 80 to 90% of all transport operations from Luzon to Mindanao. The Bicol region has been rendered 90% paralyzed while other areas report between 60 to 90% paralysis.
As a reaction, small oil players reportedly planned to slash their pump prices by as much as 5 pesos per liter. This is still lower than the 8 pesos they're supposed to give us, based on calculations by the Consumer Oil Price Watch and the NEDA.
There's unfortunate news however. The regional president of PISTON-Condor in the Bicol region was shot and killed allegedly by military agents. Joel Ascudia was shot in broad daylight this morning. He sustained two bullet wounds in the back. Assassins riding in a motorcycle shot Ascudia.