Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Useless Government and Disaster Unpreparedness

I just witnessed with my own two eyes, how unprepared government is in handling crisis situations. When I saw how major areas of the metropolis were affected by floodwaters, I immediately took some money, food, extra clothes and other things which I can find in my cabinet, to give out to our fellow kababayans in evacuation centers.

Driving my vehicle, I was able to went pass major flooded areas and landed in one of the evacuation centers. There, I saw the devastation wrought by this natural calamity.

Old and young people were cramped in this evacuation center, dazed, confused, wet. I saw a very old woman lying in the cold floor, wet, and gasping for breath. Beside her, a group of crying girls and a small boy.

A few meters away, a young couple trying to placate their crying baby. They told me they have no money to buy baby's milk. They left all their belongings in their home. I went out of the evacuation center and tried to buy milk at a nearby store. They don't have it. I tried to go to a nearby botika, but it was closed due to high flood waters.

I cried. I felt useless. Where's the rescue here?

I just received word that many more residents of Cainta were trying to survive in the cold of the night in their rooftops. Some were crying. Many are shouting help. But, none came.

I just watched on the tele that the NDCC admitted that they were unprepared for this. They say the amount daw of rains went pass the 341 millimeters of rain, good for a month. Government is using this as an excuse for their ineptitude!

Gago pala kayo, where are those billions of our monies which we gave you to prepare for these kinds of calamities? Nasasaan na ang billions upon billions of pesos for disaster relief? I got word from my contact over at NDCC that they just deployed 13 rubber boats throughout the metro. Thirteen!!! WTF!!!

Thirteen small rubber boats to rescue a million or so people from calamities??? How many amphibian vehicles do they have? Wala bang 20. Ano ba naman ito????

We have billions of pesos in intelligence funds controlled by Malacanang. Bakit hindi gamitin para tulungan ang ating mga kabababayan?!! Don't tell me Gloria that billions of pesos that you hold are still not sufficient to address this one? Ganid na yan!!!

To all our fellow Pinoys throughout the world----we need your help and fast!!

Bayanihan na po tayo. Huwag na nating asahan ang useless nating gobyerno. Talong talo talaga tayo sa mga opisyales ng gobyerno natin. Mga walang pakinabang!

After this, I'll try to go to other evacuation centers to help. The weather is very cold here. And I'm partially wet already. And I'm coughing. But, okey lang. Tulong tayo mga kapatid!