Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Facebook made Mikey Arroyo "Nero"-tic

After telling the whole world that his wife fattened his bank accounts, Pampanga representative Mikey Arroyo is now embroiled in another controversy, this time, not about his penchant for million dollar homes in the States, but his Nero-tic ways.

Yep. At the height of Typhoon Ondoy, a very vigilant online Filipino, who happens to be my friend over at Facebook, posted a photo of Mikey Arroyo buying liquor. Nothing wrong with that, and actually the people don't really care if Mikey dies of liver failure. That's his life. And surely, some of those who hate his guts are probably thinking that it's great for him to drink that fiery stuff, not once in a while, but all the time.

Mikey denies ever braving the huge floods and heavy rains just to buy wine in Rustan's supermarket across La Vista in Katipunan Avenue. Mikey says he was in Malacanang last Saturday, coordinating with staffers and others for relief efforts. Mikey says the attacks against him over at Facebook are "vicious" and "uncalled for".

The photo was taken on a SUNDAY, but Mikey insists that he was in Malacanang last SATURDAY. Is Mikey feigning Alzheimer's?
Or Mikey just wants to correct the impression that he did a "Nero" last Sunday? Such weakness in the virtue department, if you ask me.

That's why, like Dr. Vicki Belo of the sex tape fame, Mikey wants to regulate Facebook, the world's most popular social networking site. Think about it---the son of the 44th Most Powerful Woman in the world, and a Congressman of a small country of 90 poor people--wants to make History by proposing to regulate Facebook.

Wow. If Mikey Arroyo becomes successful in this, he would surely be the most powerful Congressman in the whole world. I ask---how will you do it, His Excellency, Mr. Mikey Arroyo?

Will Mikey proposed laws punishing those who will post pictures of him dancing and prancing and drinking? Will Mikey ask Facebook to regulate those who will write nasty stuff about him and his family? And will Mikey propose a law criminalizing Facebook participation?

Wow. One for Guinness, the book, not that drink which the Irish loves.

Me thinks Mikey was so high the time he told Gil Cabacungan of Inquirer about regulating Facebook. And me even thinks that Mikey thinks he now lives in a dictatorship. Or, he knows something we don't?

Or probably Mikey thinks that he's being made a donkey by some people. A Nero on a donkey?