Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Prayer to God: Protect the Innocents from Typhoon Pepeng

Typhoon Pepeng packs a big punch--winds of up to 125 kilometers per hour and moving towards the direction of Northern Luzon. Pagasa said that it is already in the Philippine area of responsibility. Weather forecaster Nathaniel Cruz this storm behaves like a Milenyo, that killer storm which rocked the Philippines several years ago.

I have just one prayer---for us, everyone, to survive this. This is serious. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu, pray. No harm in asking God to spare the innocents in our midst and punish those who lead us to perdition.

Several months ago, at the height of graft and corruption charges against this government, several people, including some bishops prayed to God for help. They want God to send His armies from Heaven and rid us of these government officials who rob us, steal our votes, and try to suppress our voices.

Malacanang knows that another calamity more serious and more devastating than Typhoon Ondoy would definitely be a SECURITY NIGHTMARE. That will, as one of my ex-general friends say, break the camel's back.

With the chaos attending the rescue and relief operations of the government right now, we now have a sampling of what to expect in the coming strong storm.

If, in the past, Filipinos tried every trick in the book and some even went out of their barracks and tried to oust this government, but failed, maybe God would do the trick this time. Maybe God allowed us to exhaust all humanly efforts for Him to prove that salvation, indeed, comes solely from Him, and Him alone. It is not from human hands, but from the grace that God gave us, says the first Christians.

To those whose lives have been affected by the onslaught of Ondoy and for those who are constantly praying that the coming storm pass us without harm, I offer this humble prayer. Let us, together, pray this.

I urge our fellow kababayans to pray with me this prayer at 12 noon today, 3pm and 6am. Let us pray this again at the time we rise from bed, maybe 6am tomorrow and thereafter. Pinoy power lies not solely on our collective strength; moreso, let's keep faith in our collective prayers as a united People.

My Prayer

Father, the most powerful and ever Living God,

We praise and worship your Most Holy Name.

You alone, created the heavens and the earth.

You alone, created the winds that gives life and destroys life.

You alone, created the rains that bless our crops and destroy our mountains.

You alone knows the seasons and the times.

You are the most revered, the Kings of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Father, forgive us our sins. Cleanse us of all transgressions and filth.

We have sinned and we humbly ask for your mercy.

Father, we ask, protect us from Typhoon Pepeng.

Shield us from its strong winds and rains.

Fortify our homes with your Love.

Embrace each and every one of us when this storm reaches our homes.

Protect us from its winds.

Protect us from its rains.

Cover our mountains with your Heavenly Strength

so that the soil will not erode and affect our homes.

Send your angels to protect the innocents, especially our babies.

Protect our old people so that they may be able to survive this.

Strengthen our women folk. Give everyone courage. Fortify their spirits.

Strengthen the faith of our men, so that they may be able to do their responsibilities.

To our widows, please, give them the strong will. To our poor, please protect them.

To our rich people, please illuminate them to help more people.

To our government, please enlighten them and strengthen them.

O Father, transform each and every one of us to become heroes.

We need you O Father to guide us to the way we need to take.

Give us food when we feel hungry.

Give us water when we feel thirsty.

Give us protection when harm is in our midst.

It is only You, O Father, who can do all these, not us,

We, who are weak,

We, who are defenseless

We, who are sinful

We, who are boastful.

We need you, O Father, every single moment of our lives.

This we all ask. Amen.
(Please ask your friends to pray this prayer together. Let us start praying as a people. This is our way of telling God that we worship Him and need Him, everyday. Pray in the solitude of your rooms. Pray in the place where you are. Spread this prayer. Pray together with me every 6am, 12 noon, 3 pm, 6pm and 7pm. We are like the biblical city which Jonah wanted to be saved, Nineveh. They were saved by God when they fasted and turned their new clothes into sack cloth. Time to pray, my fellow Kababayans)