Friday, October 2, 2009

Appeal for Teachers to teach kids in evacuation centers

I started this over at my Facebook page (just look for me and use I figured that those teachers out there who are not affected by the floods, let's join hands and go to evacuation centers and continue teaching those kids there. For those willing to teach these kids, please register at my Facebook account and let's strategize on how to do it.

Having a calamity is no excuse for kids to neglect their studies. In fact, this is the best time for us to distribute reading materials for parents and their kids. Best time for bonding, right?

I ask companies and my friends to please donate reading materials, preferably kiddie stuff to evacuation centers. Let's teach parents to read with their kids while spending time in those centers. Let's turn this disaster into an opportunity for both parents and their kids to learn from each other.

To knowledge channel, I hope local officials will install television screens in evacuation centers so that people will still watch their favorite shows. To Gibo Teodoro, this is an unsolicited advice which you might consider po sir.

Let's join hands po. By the way, I salute Muelmar Magallanes, a relative from my mother's side, for his bravery. Our family mourns the loss but is proud that our race, the Magallanes clan, responds to the call of the times.