Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bayani Fernando to blame for metro flooding: Berdugo na, Ineffective Pa

Manolo Quezon in his blog asks--who's to blame for the monumental flooding in Metro Manila? Malacanang wants us, ploggers (political bloggers), to shut our mouths and stifle us from writing any negative comments about why flood control systems failed, and we honored it.

Yet, the crisis is slowly receding and like any other citizen, we ask---where are our officials when you needed them most? Where are those projects which government constructed but failed to do its job? Where are those much-publicized Early Warning devices for flood control and prevention?

Answer---of the twelve (12) projects being funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency or JICA, most if not all are already in place. It supposed to be working. But, it takes government personnel to operate such a non-complicated system.

And, you guessed it right---no one operated it effectively at the time Typhoon Ondoy came. This 1.1 billion peso Metro Manila Flood Control Master Plan was left to rot by no less than MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando.

Like all his other projects and endeavours, Bayani is just pomp, no substance. He treats infrastructure projects the way he managed all those projects in Marikina, like that huge shoe floating as debris in the Marikina river as no more than cosmetics. For Bayani, an engineer, these projects mean nothing. Bayani subscribes to the moronic Marcosian tactic of " build beautiful structures and people will say you're doing something".

Bayani's philosophy is what I call "cosmetic engineering"---all design, no use.

And when people die due to his ineptitude and lack of care, all Bayani Fernando can muster is an apology. Like Lito Atienza, Fernando likes to wash his hands of all filth, grime and blood.

Look at this multi-million peso anomaly in C-5. Bayani invited Mrs. Arroyo to open this project and boasted that it improved traffic in the area. Crap. I always use C-5 and this portion of the highway is the most congested one, especially during rush hours. Talk about a Bayani project, again, all air, no use.

Bayani, mahiya ka naman, please lang. You are shitting all over and people's lives are being affected. Just sing, for God sake's! Maybe you can be useful there.

Teka, just a moment....I apologize. Bayani should not resign. In fact, STAY. We still need Bayani, the poster boy of this administration.

We need Bayani as this government's matinee idol---for he serves the purpose why we desperately need to replace this government. The system went haywire because of Bayani. Thanks Bayani. You are really the best friend of this Arroyo government.