Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chiz Escudero is now a free man: A Third Force is in the works

Like what I told my friend and comrade Carlos, any one who wants to take on the presidency needs what I call a dramatis causa---a shocking event that would take everyone by surprise. Delicious surprise, I must say.

Chiz Escudero has now freed himself from the shackles of Danding Cojuangco--and for better reason. He has just announced his resignation from the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC), the traditional political party that has cuddled him for eleven years. Why?

Escudero has his reasons, and legitimate ones, I must say.

First, how would one fight graft and corruption if financiers with spotty political records are behind your campaign? He was referring to Mr. Cojuangco, who is bedeviled by numerous unresolved graft cases. Second, how would you fight those who cause the further poverty of this nation if they are the ones who dictate your every political move?

Definitely, Escudero did the right thing---he is offering himself to the Filipino People. He is now, a free man. He can now decide whether to run or not for the highest post. Should he decide though, he will definitely either run as vice president or gun for the highest post.

What would now prevent him from running as president and Senator Antonio Trillianes as his running mate? No problem. Reformist groups are very strong at this point. In fact, every organizer can be tapped to help Escudero clinch the highest post of the land.

What I can now say, as Secretary General of the Young Organizers' Union (YOU), the successor of the YOU (Young Officers' Union), we respect and salute the decision of Senator Francis Escudero. Should he decide to run as president, we, and the Filipino People, will be behind him.

He can be adopted by the Democratic Party of the Philippines (DPP), a national political party. Or, we can now unite behind Escudero and form a THIRD FORCE. That THIRD FORCE will definitely defeat all these traditional political parties, like the Liberal Party, UNO, and Nacionalista.

A Third Force would surely be a welcome development in the shifting political environment.

Let me articulate what millions want---a People's Progressive Party (3P), an organization composed of all organizers in every political party uniting behind Escudero. Or a Democratic Party of the Philippines.

To Senator Escudero----don't worry about your logistics. The Spirit of Bayanihan will provide you with what you need. If we can muster billions for disaster relief, we, the Filipino People, will be behind you and give you billions more just to rehabilitate our damaged institutions.

Truly, may Bagong Umagang Parating!