Saturday, October 10, 2009

The LWUA Scandal

LWUA (pronounced Luau) n. the Filipino version of a Hawaiian feast at the height of a calamity.

I took the liberty of blog surfing today and found this very interesting article written by good friend, the Pedestrian Observer. He wrote a very good article about the LWUA ala Le Cirque party, which LWUA head and former Petchay sa Senado candidate Prospero Pichay says was a "reasonable celebration." Remember friends that at the height of public outrage against the LWUA (pronounced "LUAU"---the Hawaiian feast given to guests, hehehe!), Pichay castigated his detractors, saying that the party was not an expression of insensitivity; rather those who criticized him are insensitive, seeing that he, Pichay, merely wanted to treat his president, tired from doing all those relief operations.

Now, as what Pedestrian Observer noted, Pichay fired two of his PR handlers. For Pichay, these two guys did not do their jobs of controlling those scathing tirades against him. Of course they did, since columnists did not even mentioned that LWUA party in their columns and nay did we even heard it over the radio. Those who criticized were mostly online journalists.

Surprising huh, since those two guys were not entirely responsible for the LWUA scandal. But, for Pichay, it's all a media matter. Kung hindi makikita ng media, hindi masama.

Remember---this is not an issue of delicadeza, but an issue of tadah! discovery of media.