Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Marshall Plan

I hate to say it, but we need a mini-Marshall plan to rehabilitate our damaged country. The extent of the damage would probably run to the multi-billions and with us still suffering from the effects of this global financial crunch, it would take years before we can rehabilitate our state infrastructure.

And, much as want to be pretty optimistic, everyone should probably leave the elections behind and focus on rehabilitation.

It is at this juncture in our history that we have to face the fact that these disasters have dampened the election fever so much that anyone, or any party which would beat the drum for their bet at this point would have to suffer public backlash. We have been beaten to a pulp by Mother Nature herself, and our country has been ravaged like we were bombed thrice by an aggressor in war.

Part of this mini-Marshall plan entails putting the elections at the backburner. A change of administration by next year would derail any recovery and rehabilitation. Everyone hates Gloria and that's a fact. But, it is also reality that tells us that we cannot afford to slacken in rehabilitation efforts.

Of course, it is the natural consequence in every calamity that there will be unscrupulous traders hoarding stuff or selling them for a humongous profit. The NBI has already said that they will run after these hoarders and economic saboteurs, but the fact is, we need a government with a rock solid will to deter these monsters from committing inhumane acts.

Not to say that there will be businessmen who'll cash in on our misery and corner every contract for nation rebuilding. Those who consider themselves friends of this government will squeeze every influence for that billion peso contract. Expect criminal syndicates in suits waiting in the wings, and those members of rice cartels and food traders.

We cannot afford to be doubly victimized, first by an angry Mother Nature, and second, greedy bastards in suits (or barongs). We need order. We need a force that would make everyone toe the line or else. The reality is, we cannot trust this government with the very responsibility of rebuilding our Nation because it has a spotty record in the past.

Yes, we have a damaged energy sector. Yes, these typhoons destroyed our roads, our bridges and our agricultural lands. Cities and towns have been devastated. And our people have been traumatized. What do we do except rise up from our chairs and start rebuilding our damaged lives.

Yet, we simply cannot do it with a Damocles sword hanging above our muddy heads. The level of distrust or mistrust in our government is at its all-time high and for us to simply repair these damage to our Nation, we need a government whom we can all trust. Not a government with a spotty record.

I simply hate to say it, but Mother Nature herself taught us a very valuable lesson---we simply cannot change our society while this government continues to misgovern.

As what a colleague of mine in the reform business said yesterday---Mother Nature has led us the way. These typhoons were providential events that tell us one thing---change begins now, not in 2010.

Martial rule is the way forward.