Friday, October 9, 2009

Northern Luzon needs your help

Pangasinan, the province of my lovely wife, is suffering right now due to the onslaught of Typhoon Pepeng. Right now, 80% of the province is under water after the San Roque dam opened its waters.

We formed a team composed of Pangalatoks, Ilocanos, Cagayanons and even those living here in Metro Manila. We called our team Tulong Pinoy.

Tulong Pinoy is a non-governmental relief operation. We will be coordinating with local government officials and Sagip Kapamilya to send relief goods to the battered North.

We are asking your help.

I took the liberty of using my websites for this relief effort. Donate whatever you can. There is a donate button at the right side of this website. You can use your paypal account if you have one. Or you can also just send encouragement letters to our fellow Kababayans up North by sending your email letters to this email address:

This is the time for Bayanihan. This is the time for people to stand up and be counted.