Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Of Lito Atienza and Caesar's act

" Of Salt and Men" is a very entertaining read (http://www.saltedmen.blogspot.com/). It is most engaging for its honesty. The writer does not want to be profound. Yet, his simplicity is engaging. This blog is just one of many emerging political blogs in the Philippines.

Today, he wrote something about how Environmental secretary Lito Atienza is most responsible for the Ondoy flooding. Atienza, during yesterday's Senate hearing, put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Metro mayors who continually violate established environmental laws. He wants those mayors jailed.

What Atienza forgot is, he's not there bearing witness as a Manila mayoral candidate; he is there representing the national government as Environmental secretary. When he blamed those mayors, he is actually pointing a finger directly back to him. RedHotWriter is correct---Atienza responsible for ensuring compliance. Atienza knows that those laws are being violated---why did he not jail them even before?

Conscience dictates that men of such "notable" character should entirely be honest in themselves. What Atienza did is a Caesar's act. He washes his hands clean of all filth and dirt and blood stains caused by the typhoon.

I think the Senate or an independent body should seriously look at this issue more closely since it appears that it is not the unusually big volume of rains that caused those floods but the obstructions especially shanties and big factories.

Strong executive action should be implemented immediately.