Monday, October 12, 2009

Politics is showbiz

In this paradise called The Philippines, there is no distinction between a celebrity and a politician. A celebrity can become a politician as easily as a politico transforms into a celebrity.

For example, look at how Senator Manny Villar of the Nacionalista Party wants Willie Revillame always in his company, especially at this time that the Senate is on the verge of finalizing its ethics probe on C-5. Villar went on a third concert tour with Revillame, fuelling further talks that the noon time host is being positioned as his running mate. As I said before, Villar's main problem right now is picking the right vice presidential bet. Senator Alan Cayetano denied that Revillame is "it", so that confirms fears that Villar might not even have a running mate come November 30, the date when he's supposed to file his certificate of candidacy.

Without a running mate, Villar is vulnerable to defeat.

Not in the case of Richard Gomez who is sure to run as Congressman in Leyte. Not exactly a neophyte in politics, Gomez is a shoo-in in the position since his wife, the lovely Lucy Torres, is like Imelda. Lucy is very popular in the Visayas and of course people from the fourth district of Leyte needs star power for Congress to again put a spotlight on them. So, Gomez will join Kring Kring Gonzales, councilor of Ormoc Leyte.

Cesar Montano is also running, this time, as governor of Bohol. Montano ran and lost in the senatorial elections. Compared with other seasoned politico, Cesar's senatorial run was better, since he landed within the 20-25 spot, not bad for a political tyke.

I heard that Paul Alvarez, the high-flying PBA superstar, is also dipping his fingers in politics. In a chance encounter a few days ago, Alvarez said he's running as Councilor of Manila under the ticket of Manila vice mayor Isko Moreno, who is rumoured to be running for the top post next year. Manila is a very interesting place to be in 2010. If rumours are to be believed, there will be a three-cornered fight for the mayoralty post. Lito Atienza wants his old post back. But, Isko Moreno would probably frustrate him. Sonny Razon, the former WPD director is also looking for a win in Manila. Moreno is likely to clinch the mayoralty spot due to his sterling record as a politician.