Friday, October 30, 2009

Trouble in Noynoy fever?

Yesterday, Senator Noynoy Aquino said that he and his party are talking with the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC). Aquino was quoted to have said that since Chiz Escudero is now out of the picture, the Liberal party can now proceed with talks with Danding Cojuangco, Aquino's uncle ,on the possibility of a coalition.


Mr. Senator, I thought we are pursuing New Politics here, why talk with traditional political parties? I thought that you have faith in the Power of the People to propel you to victory?

Are you now saying Mr. Aquino that you are ready to compromise the People's Agenda in exchange for 200 million pesos or 5 billion pesos worth of campaign funds which obviously, your uncle would give you without blinking his eye?

Mr. Aquino, I thought you have full faith in us, the Filipino People, that without money, you will win? You even told us during that pompous affair at the Club Filipino that you will engage in a non-traditional campaign?

Now, why do you need Danding Cojuangco? Are you saying that you now believe in what Manny Villar said that "money (Manny) politics win every single time in this country"?

Are you ready to use the coconut farmers' monies just to win the presidency? If that is the case, then, are you Mr. Noynoy Aquino, saying that you'll give your uncle the entire 130 billion pesos coconut levy fund in exchange for electoral support?

You are talking with different political parties Mr. Aquino and behaving like a true-blue TRAPO---totally different from what your father, Ninoy, used to be.

Noynoy, your slip is showing. It just shows that your organization is crumbling and teethering to the blink of financial woes, just like what Chiz Escudero encountered. For if not, you would not even entertain the thought of talking with Danding and his NPC.

I thank God that this early, the Almighty is opening the People's eyes to the reality that no one among the current crop of leaders deserve to lead this 90 million souls towards true change.