Thursday, November 12, 2009

AIM Policy Center makes a bluff

The AIM Policy Center, a so-called think tank, has joined the fray of elite groups, calling for the abolition of E.O. 839. The Policy Center says that within a week, foreign investors will abandon ship and leave. Firms are losing money, the Center says, so many of them are leaving.

Crap. I say, let these foreign firms leave and see who will shed copious tears in the end.

And I pity the AIM Policy Center for allowing themselves to be used by oil giants in pressuring government to repeal or lift the Executive Order.

Cge nga, let's call the bluff of this Center. I urge Malacanang to further extend the E.O. and see if indeed, all foreign investors will leave this country.

This is one fight that deserves the support of the people. Should Malacanang finally decides to lift this, then, the People, the Masses, have to go to the streets and struggle.

Mrs. Arroyo deserves all the support of the people in this.