Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ebdane and Puno charged with MONUMENTAL PLUNDER

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago just recommended the filing of graft and plunder charges against former DPWH secretary and now, self-proclaimed "labor and peasants" party presidential bet Hermogenes Ebdane. Included as the principal in Santiago's charge sheet is Dodie Puno, the brother of Santiago nemesis Ronnie Puno of DILG. The two sheenanigans were charged with plundering the Road Users' Tax. How much is involved? 60.5 billion pesos of our monies. Wow. "Apocalytic Corruption" indeed.

Santiago's main point is that Ebdane and Puno allowed the anomalous use of the Road User's Tax in scandalous circumstances, transferring funds collected from the tax, and using it to allegedly "fatten the wallets" of both Puno and Ebdane.

The report of Santiago is so detailed that it even includes juicy details of the ala "rich and famous" lifestyle of Dodie Puno. Santiago blamed the two for the monumental disaster called Ondoy, which killed 1,000 and left millions homeless.

“I accuse those crooks of the crime of terminal corruption. They are ghouls, they are vampires, and they should spend the rest of their lives in jail, for they have violated the laws of civilized society, the laws of nature and the laws of God"

With Santiago's charge, speculations are rife that Ebdane, who proclaimed his bid for the presidency yesterday, is just making a mockery of justice. Ebdane, who resigned as DPWH secretary might have proclaimed the bid to skirt the corruption issue and prevent it from infecting the entire Arroyo administration. Others say that Ebdane should be prevented from running in the elections since it is now highly suspicious how he got the money to spend for his electoral bid. Many believe that Ebdane is now using those anomalous billions he got from the Road User's Tax and diverted it to fund his election machinery. Remember that election funds are still unaccountable.

Dodie Puno, says Santiago, used the Road User's Tax to spend lavishly on his girlfriends and alleged paramours, despite having a family of his own. Puno reportedly owns two yatchs, purchased under suspicious circumstances, numerous expensive condominiums, expensive luxury vehicles and host lavish parties for his friends.