Thursday, November 26, 2009



I just had a conversation with a relative of the Mangundadatu and several groups are being formed to attack the Ampatuan compound in Maguindanao.

The source, who requested anonymity, said that several relatives of the Mangundadatu clan in Lanao del Norte (Marawi City), Maguindanao, and Davao have met in an undisclosed place in Cotabato. The clan reportedly agreed to help the PNP in serving the warrant of arrest against the Ampatuans.

A warrant of arrest is being readied against Datu Unday mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr. A crack team is being prepared as I write this to arrest Ampatuan Jr.

" Kung pumalag si Andal bro, magkasubukan kami. Diri man kami papayag na di makaisa dito ke Andal. Sobra ginawa nia kay Bai, bro." says my source, a Mangundadatu who is now in Mindanao.

Another source, this time, a Balik-Islam based in Maguindanao, said that the Ampatuans have beefed security over the compound. The compound reportedly has a cache full of arms and several bombs hidden in an underground room. The Ampatuans reportedly recruited young men who are also relatives to beef their security.

Andal Ampatuan Jr, the suspected mastermind behind the massacre, is reported to have fled to Sabah. However, a close check with the PNP in Maguindanao says, the younger Ampatuan is holed up in one of the houses inside the compound, and being guarded heavily by men very close to the elder Ampatuan.

Since Monday evening, several jeepneys were seen entering the compound, reportedly carrying food and boxes full of ammunition.

The men, reports say, vowed to die alongside Andal Jr. Andal Jr reportedly is being convinced to subject himself to investigation. Other relatives of the Ampatuans refused to turn Andal Jr over.

A clash is one of the scenarios being seriously considered by the PNP. If the Ampatuans resist arrest, the police may have to use lethal force to extricate Andal Jr. from his hole.

The source lives in Quezon City but has now enplaned to Mindanao to help his other relatives seek justice against the Ampatuans. Other Maranaos who are linked to the big Mangundadatu clan based in Lanao provinces are willing to help the PNP in Maguindanao.