Friday, November 27, 2009

Maguindanao Massacre: Inside Story

The Ampatuans grew in strength because of Hello Garci and in the Name of Anti-Insurgency. And this is the undeniable Truth.

The Ampatuans overturned the 75-25 vote and just for Arroyo, made it 25-75. The Mangundadatus were worse than the Maguindanao warlord---they changed the vote just for Arroyo, making 85-15 to 15-85. Lintang Bedol was their link. And Garcillano along with some generals personally delivered two suit cases full of cash to the senior Ampatuan.

However, in politics, some are smarter than others. The Mangundadatus aligned themselves with Gibo while Ampatuan stayed with close associates of the First Gentleman and Gloria. Last August, both warring clans met high government officials, including Gibo. Gibo wants to change the Maguindanaoan political landscape by encouraging Mangundadatu to contest Ampatuan. The senior Ampatuan got angry.

Three months later, the Ampatuans led by Datu Unsay mayor Andal Ampatuan, the family hatchet man, staged the most gruesome, and the most barbaric act of the new century---57 killed and decapitated, including 24 innocent journalists. The world gasped and condemned the satanist act.

Government tried to calm the situation by asking the senior Ampatuan to surrender his son. When they felt that they are threatened, the self-proclaimed Sultan of Maguindanao relented and was forced to give his erring and mass murderer Andal Jr, to the authorities.

No negotiations? Tell it to the marines who saw those mangled bodies and bullet-riddled bodies of men, women and children. Malacanang is still being haunted by Hello Garci. The palace knows that the Ampatuans still keeps a record of how they cheated the elections in favor of Mrs. Arroyo. The Patriarch of the clan boasts that he has a suitcase full of pieces of evidence of the monumental electoral fraud in Asia.

Its only in the Philippines that you see a high-ranking government official accompanying a mass murderer. No where in the world do you ever see a senior adviser of a president with a serial killer in tow. That is the policy. That is the kind of government we have right now.

And look at that mass murderer, all smiling, inside a cage in the NBI. Will his victims get justice? Burn those CoCs first and definitely, you'll get an answer.