Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Philippine State should teach the Ampatuans a lesson they will never forget

Filipinos, especially the government, should not only condemn the recent poll violence in Maguindanao but also make necessary actions and dismantle the Ampatuan private army and make them pay for their inhumane and barbaric acts.

This massacre, which led to the deaths of 36 people, including some of my journalist friends, is a direct affront to democracy. It only goes to show how feudalist our political system still is and it will continue if we Filipinos remain apathetic and our government fails to act on it.

Violence has no place in a democratic and modernizing society. The Ampatuans and the rest of these warlord clans should be taught a lesson. Let the entire strength and power of the State be unleashed against them. Let them know that the Government means business and is serious in promoting democracy instead of warlordism in the name of Trapo politics.