Saturday, November 14, 2009

PinoyObserver just had a facelift

PinoyObserver just had a facelift. And I liked it. Really.

After some weeks of absence, PinoyObserver ( went back with a vengeance, easily bringing in some 7,600 readers (just for a day) to the fold. PinoyObserver has hit the 367,000 mark and getting stronger by the day. The site is a mix of news, lifestyle, commentaries and entertainment. It is both interesting and satisfying to the senses, quite a read.

If some of my friends like to write stuff or contribute, please do not hesitate to do so. PinoyObserver is being syndicated in Los Angeles California. Most of the stuff there is being used by a weekly Fil-AM magazine. Soon, Pinoyobserver will hit the news stands.

Pinoyobserver's blog theme is news-y, just like Huffingtonpost, the no. 1 online newspaper in the world. I thought that if the Americans can do it, why not Pinoys? So, if you think you have some interesting articles to contribute, go ahead. Email Pinoyobserver.

For online political or corporate PR operators, NPR and PinoyObserver would like to hear from you. I attend bloggers' events now, desirous to get some material for my blog posts. If you have events, just email me at Don't give me gifts. A sandwich for me will do just fine. :-)