Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Poem for you, my beloved

Hey, I'm going to La Union early tomorrow. And since this is a long weekend, my friends, pardon me for writing a poem just for all of you. I love you. I love those who love my Motherland. I love those who want and seek change in my Homeland.

For all of you (I'm like, wow, making an intro before singing), a poem:

"Inang Bayan"

Come near, my beloved
and I'll show you my Reality.
Come close, closer my love
and I'll show you my Misery.

My Mother is no more.
She was born out of poverty
and died due to misery.
She did not raise me
but, she was my mother.

those white figures which you see
these are my brothers who sacrificed
their lives for my Mother
they hover here and there
trying to make sense
of the darkness that I live,
trying to help those who
gnash their teeth
trying to feed those who
shiver in the cold of the night
trying, making, sense of everything
in this blight of an Age.

Come close my beloved and I hope you see
this raging fire within me
there's a hole in my heart
a hole with a blue ember of light
my Mother put that fire in me
and I am sharing it with you
so that you may know
what it is to be an orphan.

Come closer and be one with me
create something new out of this misery
put out your hand and try to get
something out of my fury

share that light to everyone
make them see our reality
make them feel all that misery
and turn that into victory.