Friday, February 19, 2010

Tyranny in Mandaluyong: Abalos-Gonzales clans acting as Ampatuans

Residents of Mandaluyong are fed up with the tyrannical rule being imposed upon them by two political families--the Gonzales' and Abalos' families. Since the 1980s, these families have lorded it over the political landscape--not thru purely democratic means but thru the employment of terrorism.

I experienced it personally last night when I did some grassroots organizing work in the area, especially in Barangay Daang Bakal and Addition Hills. These two populous barangays are full of Estrada supporters and mostly PMP-UNO supporters.

I, together with 12 people, were harrangued and utterly harassed by close associates of Abalos for having Joey de Venecia III posters in our cars. Likewise, when we were asking common poster areas where we could put JDV3 posters, we were denied access and constantly watched by mobile patrols and harassed repeatedly by the Mayor's Action Center or MAC.

Remember that it was Joey who exposed the bribery attempt by Abalos in relation to the ZTE-NBN deal.

A few weeks ago, the son of former vice mayor Bibot Domingo was charged with drug possession. It was a few days after Domingo declared that he will contest the mayoral post being held by Benjamin "Benhur" Abalos Jr., son and name sake of controversial ZTE-NBN conspirator former COMELEC chairman Benjamin Abalos Sr.

Reportedly, unknown people cased the residence of Domingo and after a few days, an arrest was made against the prospective candidate.

Another candidate, a certain De Guzman, wants to contest the post being held by Abalos. He is now under surveillance.

Seems like we actually have a very delicate situation here, and a very Maguindanao-an-like political situation at the very heart of the metropolis.

People of Mandaluyong according to some organizers I worked with, are fed up by the lackluster administration of the Abaloses and the Gonzaleses. They are fooling the intelligence of the masses. The political situation in Mandaluyong could be likened to a case of revolving chair--when the incumbent mayor finishes his term, a member of the allied political clan replaces him. If it's not the father, then, its the son. If not the son, the grandson and so on and so forth.

People of Mandaluyong are yearning for new faces. It is time to give them what their hearts' desire.

I appeal to the Comelec as well as the police and the military to take stock of what is happening in Mandaluyong and protect the people.