Sunday, March 21, 2010

Executive Secertary Leandro Mendoza will head new govt come May 11

Contrary to what Malacanang through deputy palace spokesperson Charito Planas said, that in a failure of election scenario, the military takes over, there are still non-Constitutional safeguards in place to protect democratic institutions, and prevent the prospect of a non-functioning government.

One of these is the possibility of Arroyo's appointive officials acting as a "care-taker" government (different from a "hold-over" Cabinet which means a revolutionary government). Since most of the positions will actually be vacant come May 10, the Cabinet can act as the interim government.

Meaning, Executive secretary Leandro Mendoza will surely be the next "president", acting in a "care-taker" capacity for, probably sixty days.

Mendoza, a former police general, served Mrs. Arroyo as DOTC head before being appointed as Executive secretary, replacing Eduardo Ermita.

If you'll notice, this Cabinet is now occupied by the top and highly trusted men of the president. Arroyo's defense chief is Norberto Gonzales, the ideologue of the administration. The DILG is still Ronnie Puno, while most, if not all sensitive posts are being occupied by former generals of Arroyo, among them Energy secretary Angelo Reyes.

Now, what is appalling is the possibility of these Cabinet officials suddenly declaring a self-coup and transform themselves into a junta, which, according to some sources, is not a far-fetched idea.

Bangit, if you remember, was with Gonzales early last year talking with some religious and civil leaders on the possibility of creating a Council-type of government.