Thursday, March 18, 2010

Golf Putsch

A handful of active military generals and some businessmen have revived their Camp Aguinaldo golfing sessions. Not that they don't have anything to do. Fact is, these people are so rich, they have time to waste for some nice rounds in the fairways of this military camp.

And they are not talking about those hot and sizzling billboards of Angel Locsin along C-5 and that in Balintawak. They are talking about the future of this country.

A source, one of those privy to these golf sessions, revealed to this writer that these generals are planning to install a military government. Yes, a quasi-dictatorship. They already have their plans laid out but the question that remains to them is very, very simple---when and how to counter-act the expected public outrage that this action of theirs will result to.

These men are fond of the Lady by the murky waters of the Pasig. She serves as a willing bimbo, a foil, to mask their acts.  They have benefitted immensely through their friendship with the Lady. They owe their stars to Madame. And they're extremely confident of success since they have an ideologue backing them up.

This ideologue commands a vast army of intellectuals who are convinced that the next government should strictly be a Council of hand-picked civilians and military men. They cannot accept the fact that their poster girl will now retire in a barrio called Lubao. Without their poster girl, the real powers and shakers will be revealed. They will lose their foil. Plus of course, her husband seemed content in his role as a backroom operator of willing puppets hungry for power and of course, money.

And why are they interested of running this country of 90 million Filipinos? Simple. This administration has laid out so many projects, costing billions of dollars. This is the pot. This is what they are after. And with the prospects of a vast field of oil in Sulu and Palawan, they cannot allow others to benefit from this huge booty. Plus, of course, the prospect of billions worth of dollars more coming from foreign investors.

This country has a huge economic prospect but a very weak government. The weakness of this government is being exploited by the uber rich down to the janitor. There is no strong hegemon that keeps the peace. They see themselves as that Power.

What will they do in the next couple of weeks?

First, they will intensify the war in Mindanao. Yesterday, the AFP already said that within 60 days they will do all they can to annihilate the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG). While the war simmers in Sulu and Basilan, these will effectively hide the REAL ACTION IN MINDANAO, which is the government spending spree amounting to 10 BILLION PESOS. Obviously, media will shift their attention. Instead of talking about this anomaly, they will cover war.

Second, bombings and assassinations will also intensify in various parts of the country. And lastly, they will then pay some media professionals to counter-act their enemies.

Net---we have an intra-elite war in the offing. Brace yourselves my friends,this is quite messy, and possibly, bloody.