Saturday, March 20, 2010

Plan Ass or Shooting one's mouth off as State Policy

That's the problem with appointing non-Communication experts as palace deputy spokespersons--they have a tendency to shoot their mouths off. Clearly, no one knows that every utterance they give becomes policy. They are not there to embellish the impossible--simply to function as conveyors of messages. And probably, palace deputy spokesperson Charito Planas does not really know the implications of her actions.

Her "alarmist" statement yesterday shows how callous this administration is on the effects of statements it makes in public. Imagine, the palace itself tried to fuel these speculations and fears on an Arroyo-instigated martial rule. Planas told a stunned audience that should the elections fail, the military is poised to take over. I don't really know what's on the mind of Planas when she said that, but for me, it was utterly irresponsible.

And it is unacceptable if Planas will try to defend herself by saying that she was asked. Clearly, the issue is speculative and what-ifs are not commonly answered by authorities.

Now, if that Planas' statement is declarative, then, probably that's the real motive behind all these actions--appointments of Bangit and members of PMA Class 1978 and this recent Arroyo instigated SC decision. Even the snub suffered by the PMA leadership after the head of the local police declared that he will not support an extension of his boss' term.

Or, probably, Planas was deceived by her own colleagues inside that snake pit called OPS and was made to believe the yarn that Arroyo was motivated to manipulate even the Supreme Court and the Armed Forces because of her concern for a post-Arroyo military take-over.

Mrs. Arroyo's only concern is simply self-preservation. Arroyo is so afraid to suffer the same fate as that of Erap's that she will do everything in her power to prevent this possibility.

She knows that she stole billions from the public coffers. She knows that her husband did enter into shady deals with syndicates and criminals. She knows that she harmed a lot of people during her administration, and she will not escape liability.

Mrs. Arroyo and her ilk have mastered the Art of Survival, even probably perfected it into a science. They are skillful in manipulating discord and destabilization. Fact is, this administration has thrived with destabilization. And why is that?

We are being mis-directed so that we will not know how government is spending 10 billion pesos worth of calamity funds. The palace is feeding our conspirational minds so that we will forget how they are spending these enormous funds, not for generator sets but for vote buying.

Atty. Alex Lacson has just visited Mindanao and convened with some local government officials there. Many of them are Liberal party candidates and they told Lacson that administration backed candidates are spending their calamity funds to buy sacks of rice, food stuffs, even appliances.

Anyway, Planas should be advised not to give any more statements about the future.