Monday, April 19, 2010

Atty. Adel Tamano---elect as our Muslim representative to Senate

Last night's HARAPAN was revelatory--it convinced me that Atty. Adel Tamano, a Muslim brother, deserves at least a seat in the new Senate. I would even be glad if two Muslims, Tamano and Yasmin Lao win and serve as Senators. They deserve it especially Lao who sacrificed her entire career and life uplifting the lives of fellow Muslims in Mindanao. Lao reminds me of another equally deserving Muslimah---Amina Rasul--who is now actively involved in bringing peace and stability in Mindanao. Rasul, who is a Harvard graduate, deserves to be Senator, much the same way as Adel and Yao. readers will be puzzled. Before, I wrote negative articles about Tamano and here I am urging my colleagues to at least consider him.

There is one factor that convinced me---when Tamano told the crowd that he is a Muslim and it is time to elect a Muslim representative in Congress. I was waiting for him to do just that and when he did, that sealed the deal for me. 

Tamano is a brilliant lawyer. He's a young and dashing debonaire of a lawyer. He fought for the rights of fellow Muslims, especially those accused unjustly for crimes they did not commit. Like Lao and Rasul, they represent the new generation of Muslim leaders ready to sacrifice their lives and their futures for the sake of the Muslim community.

At last, Tamano recognized that he has to own that category of being the only Muslim candidate worthy of being elected to the Senate. Tamano has clearly recognized that he needs the support of his fellow Muslims, not the support of a discredited beauty consultant. 

The only thing left to do is for Tamano to deepen his iman--and only God knows that. Tamano must go the rounds of mosques here in Manila and in Mindanao. May the One True God guide him towards a deeper involvement in the Ummah.