Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do we still hope for the best?

There are so many things happening in our country today that I am inclined to just go to the beach and probably get a job there as a life saver. Sometimes you feel hopeless.

I had this discussion with a colleague and we talked about the things happening in our country today. I felt exasperated. I felt that probably it's better to live in another country than waste my talents here.

One reason why we are still like this is the fact that the 0lder generation has betrayed us. Look at the present crop of leaders. They have been at it for decades but do you feel any change in our present situation? None. Nothing has changed for the last two decades, simply because most of our leaders took care of their pockets instead of taking care of their fellow Filipinos first.

And really, we should blame ourselves. We elect the same old faces. We always think of them as superior over us when they are just simpletons pretending to be more intelligent and more deserving to be leaders than us.

Since my teens, I have always longed for change. I was born poor yet I struggled against it by sheer hard work and patience.

I met thousands along the road and half if not seventy percent of them think the same thing--all want change.

In my journey, I thought that ideology will probably solve our problems. I was wrong. Ideology has nothing to do with fighting poverty. It just worsens the situation.

I met people who masquerade as nationalists when all they were were wolves in sheep's clothing. Those whose hearts are in the wrong place are like stars in the night skies.

And, realizing this, I sometimes remind myself of the story of the two angels who visited Sodom and Gomorrah before God destroyed them. Someone asked God what will make Him stay his hand and the Almighty responded if there are at least ten good and honorable people living in there, God will surely not destroy these towns. And as we know, God did, indeed destroyed these towns because there was no single man or woman who truly love his fellow man.

If we all would realize one thing and one thing alone that the secret to eternal life is love, then, probably, all of us, and that includes the greedy will not think of harming another one.