Monday, April 26, 2010

ITs all about trust baby

Only 17 days to go and still a measly 15% of absentee voters were able to vote. Probably the remaining 85% will do so come election time. Or most likely they will not.

A big chunk of the population, according to a recent survey, is still largely undecided on who to vote for as their president. Some do not even want to vote. And this reflects the history of voting in this country--it's always ten to twenty percentum of the population that are unable to cast their votes for numerous reasons.

One, they belonged to the disfranchised. Two, some of these people work during elections and three, they simply don't want to vote.

In this automated elections, expect a bigger disfranchisement of people largely due to technical reasons. One, if some of people vote while their hands are dirty. Two, if they're eating suman or sticky rice while voting and three, there's this technical problem of transmission.

That justifies a parallel manual count.

Moreso, demands for a parallel manual count stems from mistrust. People simply do not trust the judgment and "wisdom" of the Comelec. Comelec simply don't want a parallel manual count--they just want a manual audit. The poll body says they lack the time to prepare and second, why waste billions of pesos spent for the lease of these PCOS machines when people don't trust the results anyway?

That's the thing--nothing will ever be changed in this country simply because we don't trust our fellow Filipinos.